Stella McCartney: vegan bags, shoes, jackets and more from the English fashion house

Stella McCartney – Actually Stella McCartney could have rested on her famous name. However, the daughter of singing legend Paul McCartney and his late wife Linda has found another vocation in her life: Since 2001, the ambitious designer has been releasing fashion under her own name that does not use animal products. Find out here which designs she creates and what the fashion label of the design icon has brought to market so far. Get to know Stella McCartney and her vegan label!

Stella McCartney: Fashion with intent – shoes, coats, bags & co.

Already at the age of thirteen, the young girl designed her first jacket. At sixteen she achieved an internship at the renowned fashion house Christian Lacroix. This was followed by the study of fashion design at Central Saint Martins College, which was also attended by designers such as Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood.

Her graduation in 1995 was crowned by a show that was not far from a professional fashion show of the long-established designers. Through her contacts in the world of fashion and being part of high society, insane opportunities opened up for McCartney. Her graduation collection was presented by model friends such as Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. Musical accompaniment was provided by her father, Paul McCartney, with a song composed especially for the show.

Stella McCartney at Chloé : High tea meets cafe au lait

As early as 1997, the young designer was able to take the position of creative director at Chloé, which she held until 2001. But all beginnings are difficult, especially when you follow in the footsteps of the maestro Karl Lagerfeld and so the designer reaped heavy criticism at the beginning.

She was often accused of having any relevance in the fashion world only because of her famous name. However, her collections for Chloé proved the opposite. The feminine spirit for which the fashion house is known, the designer was able to reinterpret very well and proved great flair in playing with fabrics.

Especially in a time when the Erotic Chic look became big, such a feminine influenced house like Chloé does not have the easiest time. But Stella McCartney still managed to combine elegance and eroticism cleverly.

Founding of her own label: Stella McCartney is born – and vegetarian!

Stella McCartney’s time at Chloé came to an end in 2001, and that same year the talented fashion designer launched her own fashion label with the help of Kering, a luxury group that also owns Gucci, Saint Laurent and Balenciaga.

The new label had it all, because Miss McCartney had a plan. She herself had been a vegetarian by conviction since early childhood, but fashion without animal materials was often ostracized as cheap. Stella made it her goal to introduce animal-friendly alternatives to the luxury fashion world.

She succeeded in this endeavour because not only did she help to increase the fashion industry’s acceptance of leather and fur alternatives, she was an absolute pioneer for a market that grew more and more in the following years, gaining new followers and thus new customers.

Fashion shows: Catwalk with vegan fashion and “fake” leather

Of course, Stella McCartney was no stranger to the fashion world when she launched her first collection and was intimately familiar with Fashion Week in Paris. But to see your own name in the background and to have the creative freedom of your own label, which can then be taken directly to the catwalks of Paris without a stopover, is a completely different feeling. Here we present a few of the vegetarian collections individually.

Fashion show video spring/summer 2002: The 2000s are waiting

Elegant and feminine-sporty, that’s the best way to describe the creations of the collection. If you take a look at the pieces today, you immediately know you’re in the early 2000s: bright colors, mini tennis skirts and low-slung pants like you’d see on any Disney child star. Paired with less youthful, plunging necklines. Young and fresh, but still sexy. This is how many get their money’s worth.

Fashion show video spring/summer 2010: a new fashion decade begins

Wedge heels, peplums, strappy sandals, high waistbands, culottes and cropped pants: looking at the label’s fashion shows, it feels like every trend of the style era is represented somehow. Like a crystal ball that foresees the future of the fashion world and gives it right to us. This is what makes good fashion designers, that they are able to see what the buyers might find interesting.

Fashion Show Video Autumn/Winter 2020/21: New Fashion Trends?

If Stella McCartney’s sense of what will be fashionable at the beginning of the decade is as excellent as it has been in the past, then we can expect to see a lot of wide clothes in oversized looks. Skinny jeans can be relegated to the back of the wardrobe, because now wide legs are the order of the day, preferably in a set of matching top and bottom.

We don’t have to worry about colour blocking or anything like that, because monochrome is the new black. Otherwise we can look forward to big check patterns and still super fluffy teddy coats.

Fashion by Stella McCartney: Jackets, Cardigans & Co. without wool, leather or fur

From the career, to the overview of the past decades, now finally to the great products that the label offers, sometimes in cooperation with other brands. The designs should not only look good, but give the wearer self-confidence and femininity on the way.

Jackets: Oversize and faux fur

A vegetarian fashion label naturally has at least one faux fur coat on offer. But that’s not the end of it. Wool coats, teddy coats and loop coats can all be found in the label’s range. This will definitely put you in the middle of the fashion pack. All this without animal suffering. Compared to other brands, you don’t have to dig deep into your pocket for a piece from Stella McCartney either: Jackets and coats start at under €1000.

  • Wool coat Erika
  • Fur Free Fur Coat Adrienne
  • Loop Jacket

Cardigans: cosy knitwear without sheep’s wool

The comfortable jackets are great all year round! In winter to make the outfit a little warmer and in summer for the balmy summer evenings on the terrace, in the park or even on the beach. As soon as the sun has disappeared, it gets a little cooler and a pleasant cardigan can remedy the situation. Especially for children the label offers colourful clothes.

  • Oversized wool cardigan (ladies)
  • Colourful cardigan (children)
  • Lurex cardigan

Pants: silk, knit, cotton and more

Denim is, and perhaps forever will be, the everyday pants favorite. Except for sweatpants, of course. But fabric trousers are becoming more and more popular for work and also for going out. Stella McCartney’s range offers you bright trousers in fine fabrics that simply look good.

  • Couture trousers Louise
  • Silk trousers Lauryn
  • Lightweight cashmere pants
  • Compact knit pants

Adidas x Stella McCartney: Luxury sportswear like jackets, shorts and shoes

The sportswear industry has a big problem: functional clothing is made of plastics. These plastics take decades to centuries to disappear from the earth’s surface. But at the same time, this helps increase the durability and tear resistance of the garments.

Adidas and Stella McCartney have made it their joint mission to make sportswear a little more sustainable. This goal is achieved by making the fashionable pieces out of plastic that has been recycled in an elaborate process.

The collection includes:

  • Sports pants
  • Parkas
  • Hoodies
  • Sports bras
  • West
  • Shirts and much more…

Accessories: Must-have bags and shoes & pleasant perfumes

As with many great fashion labels, the product Stella McCartney is known for is a bag. The Falabella bag to be exact. But of course, that’s not the only premium accessory available from the brand. From bags to eyewear to fragrances, the choice is huge, so we’ve put together a small selection of favourites for you.

Bags and purses: Falabella Bag, Everyday Accessories and Extras for Evening Wear

In 2010, nine years after the label presented its collections for the first time, it landed an absolute bestseller that remains a must-have to this day: the Falabella Bag. The iconic bag is constantly reinterpreted in the collections, which allows it to manifest its cult status. Apart from that, you can also get other stylish bags and purses from the brand:

  • Hobo bag
  • Doctor Bag
  • Crossbody bag
  • Backpacks
  • Dead

Shoes: fancy sneakers and boots made of vegan leather

From chic to comfortable to fancy: no matter what kind of shoe you’re looking for, Stella McCartney has a great shoe selection that caters to almost every taste. Of course, always in fashion and in tune with the times.

  • Falabella Shoes
  • Zipit Shoes
  • Ankle boots with block heel
  • Emilie shoes

Glasses: cool sunglasses, geometric or cat-eye

Your outfit is perfect, your eyeliner on fleek, there’s just one problem: the sun is burning your eyes and you don’t know what to do. Of course you could put on your sunglasses, but that would cause a few problems: You’d have to look in your bag for the sunglasses buried deep down, no one would be able to see your well-done eye makeup, and your old sunglasses don’t really go with your outfit either.

Stella McCartney remedies the situation with fashionable sunglasses:

  • Monogram BCA Square Sunglasses
  • Black Aviator Sunglasses
  • Cate-Eye Sunglasses

Perfume: English rose gardens in the bottle

What does London smell like, or the Queen’s rose garden, or the endless expanses of the English countryside? There is probably no 100% answer to this question, but Stella McCartney definitely makes you think with her fragrances. So if you choose to wear the scent, you’re inspiring others to dream. Of fields of flowers and big dreams. The perfumes not only bring joy, but also wants to give the wearer confidence and strength.

All of this still with the idea of sustainability in mind. So just try one of the fragrances:

  • Stella
  • Stella Peony
  • POP
  • POP Bluebell