Summer shoes for women: Sandals, thongs, mules & Co. – Top 5

Women’s Sandals – Temperatures are rising, spirits are soaring and you can’t wait to swap your winter clothes for breezy, colorful dresses, skirts and shoes. Summer is back and that means new shoe trends too. Airy and open-toed shoes are once again the eye-catcher on the streets this past year. Not only are they super comfortable, but they also look great. Whether classic sandals, toe separators, mules or fancy models, everything is allowed this summer. We have picked out the top models for the summer and show you how you can put them perfectly in scene.

Show your feet: summer trend sandals

This summer it’s called: Show your feet! And in all shapes and colours. Because the sandal is back. Whether round, square, simple, colorful, with print, with buckles or heel, we can not get around the open summer shoes this summer. The comfortable women’s sandals are now available in all kinds of shapes and colours, so there is something for everyone. Especially popular at the moment are the classic sandals with buckles, toe separators and strappy sandals.

Classic sandals: one, two or three buckles

The classic sandal models for women is another year among the top summer shoes. The simple design and the comfortable fit is available in different versions. In addition to the classic design with two buckles, you can also buy the sandal with one buckle or three buckles. The perfect fit on the foot is always guaranteed. And the best thing? You can’t go wrong with this model. In the matching colors, it is suitable for any occasion. Combine the shoes with a casual summer dress, a loose culotte or a pair of jeans and your look is ready.

Women’s thong sandals

How about a toe separator instead of buckles? Like a flip-flop, the sandal nestles against your foot and gives you security. But functionality is not everything. The toe separator has long since become the trendy summer shoe and can be combined with everything, just like the classic sandal.

Strappy sandals

Strappy sandals promise a little more elegance and filigree. Unlike classic sandals with buckles, you don’t slip into the shoes, but tie, wrap or close the straps around your foot. There are no limits to the design. Thin, wide, long or short straps put your feet in different ways in scene. Strappy sandals with extra long straps go perfectly with a short summer dress if you tie the straps around your legs up to the knee.

Elegance: sandals with heel

If sandals, thongs or strappy sandals are too boring for you, you can get the trendy summer shoes in all heights and shapes. Because sandals can not only be comfortable and practical, but also very elegant and stylish. In the right height and with a block heel they are suitable for the street and look great in everyday life or when going out with friends.

Stand out: Chunky & Colorful

If you are brave and want to stand out this summer, reach for colorful sandals with print or the eye-catcher sandals, the chunky sandals. Because more is more! With the right clothes and these models you become a real trendsetter.

Chunky sandals

Another shoe trend can be discovered on the streets of the fashion capitals: The Chunky Sandals! After we already couldn’t get past chunky boots this year, the trend is also coloring our summer shoes. Chunky sandals with platform and wide sole are not only comfortable but also trendy.

Strikingly colourful: pattern, print

Whether sandals, toe shoes, chunky models or heels, in the right color or the right print, every shoe can be transformed into an eye-catcher. If black, white or beige is too boring for you, you can simply wear your summer shoes in neon yellow, pink, with a playful floral pattern or snake print. With the large selection this year, fashion lovers will get their money’s worth.

Conclusion: Sandals are in trend

We draw a very clear conclusion: sandals of all shapes and colours are on trend. This year’s highlights are striking colours, wide laces and buckles, as well as prints. If you like it more elegant or want to pimp your street style, wear summer shoes with block heels.