Dior Beauty: Luxury Perfume, Lipstick & Make Up

Dior Beauty – The label, known for its extravagant women’s haute couture, can do much more than create breathtaking gowns. The label has also been active in the cosmetics sector since 1947. It was then that Christian Dior created the first fragrance to underline his fashion lines. The designer was a true fragrance fan and even moved his holiday escape to Grasse. The city in the south of France is world famous for perfume production. Since back then, a lot has happened in regards of beauty products at Dior. The label no longer only offers perfumes, but has expanded its range to include skin care and make-up products.

Dior Parfum: The right fragrances for women

We have already mentioned above that Dior’s fashion is closely linked to fragrances. Now we would like to introduce to you the fragrances, popular all over the world. The label not only pays attention to the quality of the fragrances themselves, but also claims that this quality is also reflected in the design of the flacons.

Dior Poison Collection: Poison, Hypnotic Poison, Poison Girl & Co.

The Dior Poison collection is an absolute classic. The fragrances surround the wearer with an attractive scent cloud. The bottle design is reminiscent of a crisp, red love apple. But the name already suggests that this apple is not just sweet and sticky. After the fragrance, established in 1998, became very popular, the Poison series was expanded more and more. Today there are a variety of scents included in the Poison collection:

  • Hypnotic Poison
  • Poison Girl
  • Poison Girl unexpected
  • Pure Poison
  • Poison

The classic of the Hypnotic Poison series is not only offered as a perfume, but also as a deodorant, body lotion and hair perfume. In addition, the fragrances can also be purchased in different sizes.

Perfum Dior Poison fragrance: Scent nuances

The sweet scent combination that makes the fragrance so unique and has contributed significantly to the success of the original perfume is complemented by further nuances in the successors. In the core, however, all of them carry the following notes within themselves:

  • Almond (sweet-bitter)
  • Yasmin (oriental-floral)
  • Vanilla (sweet-creamy)

Poison Girl represents the fresher, more youthful little sister of the classic Poison fragrance. This claim is underlined by the fragrance components:

  • bitter orange (citric-bitter)
  • rose (floral)
  • tonka bean (warm and spicy)

In the Unexpected version, bitter orange is replaced by ginger in the fragrance structure, which results in a slightly more spicy scent.

Pure Poison stands out in the collection above all because, unlike the other essences, it appears in a mother-of-pearl-coloured bottle, thus stepping out of line. Pure Poison has less sweet components, bringing a little freshness to the lines of the collection:

  • bergamot (citric)
  • orange blossom (floral-tart)
  • white musk (synthetic)

Warm and spicy, fruity, oriental. The Poison fragrances have claimed to unite unusual notes and thus represent perfumes that give self-confidence. The last fragrance of the Poison series also falls into this category.

  • coriander (oriental-spicy)
  • Tuberose (flowery)
  • Opoponax (resinous)

Video: the magic Dior Poison fragrance

A captivating, warm atmosphere with crackling fire in a gloomy setting. This is the impression Hypnotic Poison is intended to leave. This atmosphere is captured here. Let yourself be carried away into the sensual world of Dior perfume and experience this fragrance in a completely unexpected way.

J’adore Dior: Flowery fragrance explosion for women

A fragrance series that comes in a sensual, curvy bottle. The gold rings around the neck of the bottle are also not unfamiliar to the beholder. They should remind us of the gold rings around the necks of women from many different ethnic groups. For example the Massai or the Padaung women wear a variety of gold rings around their necks, because on the one hand they symbolise femininity, but on the other hand they are also rites which are supposed to lead to a particularly beautiful appearance. This is exactly what the J’adore fragrance is meant to achieve. Part of a ritual that reminds women to carry their beauty to the outside. Not only through visual stimuli, but also in the form of fragrances. The path to the goal is paved by these scents:

  • Ylang-Ylang (sweet-floral)
  • rose (floral)
  • Jasmine (oriental-floral)

Ylang-ylang is known for its endorphin stimulating and therefore positive effect. Especially as one of the main notes, ylang-ylang is not very often used in the perfume industry and thus contributes to the uniqueness of J’adore. François Demachy, perfume creator at Diors, says about the fragrance:

“J’adore invents a flower that doesn’t exist.”

Video Dior J’adore: Star Charlize Theron as model

Since 2014, Oscar winner Charlize Theron has been the face of the J’adore commercial. As a goddess in gold she presents the extraordinary fragrance and stands for the strong, powerful but also sensual wearer. She embodies self-confidence, strength, sensuality and the modern, feminine woman. Let Dior and Charlize take you into the world of fragrances in this commercial.

Miss Dior: Blooming Bouquet & Rose’n’Roses

This fragrance bears the title of the first perfume created by Christian Dior. Although it has undergone many changes in recent decades, the essence of Dior is still prevalent. The fragrance is meant to celebrate and accentuate the female curves. This achieved by combining:

  • rose (floral)
  • bergamot (citric)
  • rosewood (subtle-woody)

Flowers followed by warm wood makes this fragrance special. Such a successful fragrance as Miss Dior is of course always checked for topicality. As a result, sometimes new fragrances are created that retain the essence of the classic. Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is one of them:

  • peony (flowery)
  • bergamot (citric)
  • white musk (synthetic)

Because the standard version of the fragrance didn’t have enough rose in it already, Dior has decided on putting even more rose in a single fragrance. Hence, Miss Dior Rose ‘n Roses was created. Cleverly broken up, the flowers are married with citrus notes:

  • rose (flowery)
  • bergamot and mandarin (citric-sweet)
  • white musk (synthetic)

Dior Parfum: Attractive fragrances for men

Dior is not only known for elegant and feminine women’s fragrances, the beauty division of the renowned brand also produces diverse and popular men’s fragrances. They have created many popular fragrances for men, including Dior Sauvage, Dior Homme and Dior Homme Intense. You can find out which notes make up the respective perfumes and which celebrity faces advertise them here.

Dior Sauvage: men’s fragrance available as EdP and EdT

Wilderness, crisp air and in the distance a warm campfire. This is how the Sauvage fragrance comes about, made possible by unique scents. Sauvage is not only popular with men. Women are also intrigued by the fragrance.

  • vanilla (warm)
  • bergamot and mandarin (citric-tart)
  • juniper and sandalwood (spicy-wooden)

Video Dior Sauvage Perfume with Johnny Depp

Wild, rebellious and exciting. This is the perfume’s self-image. And who better to represent that than Johnny Depp? And so he became the advertising face of the popular men’s fragrance and in this video he takes you into the wild world of the famous perfume.

Dior Homme: Sports and Intense

Fascinating masculinity in a bottle. That is Dior Homme in a single sentence. But how does Dior keep this promise? An unusual blend that is woody and makes the fragrance all the more exciting. The appealing scents:

  • patchouli heart (soft-floral)
  • vetiver (oriental-tart)
  • cedarwood (wooden-spicy)

The Intense version of the fragrance combines iris and ambrette seeds to make a creamy-musky combination. The Sport version, on the other hand, brings citrus and spicy notes to the fragrance to create a fresh and tart scent experience. So if you are not a friend of warm men’s fragrances, you can also use the Sport version.

Video Dior Homme with Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson adorns the screen not only as the new Batman, but also in the advertising campaign for Dior Homme. He convinces with striking facial features and a touch of playfulness. The actor advertises the sporty fragrance of the renowned luxury brand, embodying masculinity and the modernity.

Manicure: Dior Vernis, Nail Glow & Creme Abricot

Well-groomed hands are also part of the perfect appearance. An Dior has just the right products to achieve those. From care products to nail brighteners and exciting nail polish colours: You find everything you need in the Dior range. The range is extensive and varied, we have put together some of the most popular products for you.

Dior Hand Care: Base Coat, Top Coat and Co.

The bestseller of the Dior nail care range is the Creme Abricot. A nail and cuticle cream with a pleasant apricot scent. Great for example, after removing nail polish with drying nail polish remover, the cream provides relief and moisturises your skin and nails. Nail Glow from Dior is a nail polish with a lightening effect. It is designed to counteract discolouration that can occur through regular use of nail polish or smoking to achieve well-cared for nails. Dior also offers top and base coats, which make the manicure more durable and provide additional shine.

Video Dior Vernis stands for durability and colour brilliance

Available in 47 colours is Dior Nail Polish. From classic to colourful, everything your heart desires. The label promises opaque colours and easy application. Take a look at a clip of the brand’s most popular nail polishes and get inspired for your next colour choice.

Most popular Foundations: Diorskin, Dior Forever & Dior Backstage

Dior offers different foundations for different skin needs. From matt to dewy finish and from light to high opacity, many will find what they are looking for. The range is varied, but so are the needs of the customers. Accordingly, Dior has adapted to the demand. Find inspiration for your next Dior make-up look here.

Dior Forever Skin Glow

Dior Forever Skin Glow Foundation combines light to medium coverage with skin care components to leave skin looking flawless while providing optimal care. The finish is dewy, so for oily skin it should be worn with powder. Apart from this, Dior offers 36 colours to cover a variety of skin tones.

Diorskin Nude Air Serum

A liquid serum foundation that claims to offer a very natural finish. Therefore, the coverage is light to even out the skin, without suffocating it. So, the foundation is all the more pleasant to wear as it really only leaves a hint of product on the skin. Diorskin Nude Air Serum is perfect for the light everyday look and leaves the skin in a wonderfully soft way.

Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation

Dior Backstage offers products inspired by the backstage area of fashion shows. The Face and Body Foundation is no exception. Due to the ability to layer the product, it offers everything from light to heavy coverage and thus offers a lot of creative freedom. Models and make-up artists judge it to be flawless and absolutely suitable for photography.

Dior Make Up: Dior Rouge, Lipsticks & Eye Shadow

In addition to Foundation, Dior also offers products for the rest of your make-up. Very popular are the varied ranges, and especially the lip products from Dior are a real secret of the stars. We have put together a small compilation of the most popular products such as eye shadow and lipsticks.

5 Coleurs Couture Eye Shadow Palette: Video

These palettes are available in 14 colour variations. Each one is inspired by the fabrics and collections of Dior Haute Couture. Buttery eyeshadows and intense colours characterise the palettes. Dior wants to provide a wide range of products for its customers and masters this task with ease.

Bella Hadid for Dior ” What’s in my Bag-Video”: Lip Glow & Maximizer

Dior offers many lip products, but especially the Lip Glow and Lip Maximizer are designed to enhance your natural beauty. It also is key to the unmistakable look of Bella Hadid, who uses the Dior Lip Maximizer, for seductive lips.

“It’s not because I work for the brand. I genuinely can’t leave the house without it!”

Rouge Dior 999: Brilliant lipsticks

Dior offers long-lasting, colour-intensive lipsticks in the Rouge Dior collection. Especially for different shades of red Dior is the right place to go. Dior promises 16 hours of durability in 36 colours. The most iconic lipstick is the one that now bears the number 999. Originally produced as 9 and 99, these lipsticks have helped Christian Dior complete his looks since 1953. A marriage of the two in the form of 999 is today the eye-catcher on the street and on catwalks.

Dior Backstage: Eye shadow Palettes, Primer & Highlighter

Created by Peter Philips, Creative Director of Dior Make Up, with the aim of bringing the backstage area of a fashion show to Dior fans in front of your mirror at home. Dior Backstage offers professional, diverse products for creative expression in the field of make-up.

Pallettes for Lips, Face and Cheeks

Especially with the diversity of models in a fashion show, a large selection of make-up products is in high demand. Dior meets this demand in the form of pallettes for the different parts of the face:

  • Dior Backstage Lip Palette: With 9 highly pigmented colours
  • Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette: 4 soft shimmering powders for the face
  • Dior Backstage Contour Palette: 4 colours to conjure definition into every face
  • Dior Backstage Eye Palette: With Primer Eye Shadow, Eyeliner and Highlighter

Dior Backstage Face & Body Primer

The Dior Face and Body Primer provides a matte finish and a padding effect. This light primer is ideal for applying make-up and is super easy to blend, for a natural, perfect end result. Due to its transparency, the primer can be used universally on any skin tone and makes the applied make-up perform optimally. Primer also ensures durability and prevents your make-up from settling into small wrinkles. In addition, Primer limits the natural oil production of the skin and thus contributes to a photo-ready result.

Dior Backstage Brush: The right tools in a handy bag

Good tools are indispensable for perfect make-up. Dior is very aware of this, which is why you can also get a brush set and make-up sponges from Dior. Brushes made from natural and synthetic fibers, with simple handles adorned by Dior lettering. The brushes are stored in a practical case with Dior backstage lettering to protect your brushes. Individual brushes and sponges are available as well.

Make Up tips:  Make Up Artist Peter Philips

Peter Philips is not only responsible for the creative management of the Dior Make Up division, but also continues to pursue his profession as a make-up artist. He shows practical tips and tricks on the Dior Makeup channel on Youtube. It’s worth taking a look.