Dior & Dance: an elegant, glamorous and Haute Couture Pas de deux

Dior & Dance – Dior and ballet is a love story that lasts! Mr. Christian Dior was inspired by the world of dance and collaborated with the dancer and choreographer Roland Petit for the costumes of the Ballet Treize Danses in 1947. Maria Grazia Chuiri, Dior’s Artistic Director since 2016, has renewed Mr. Dior’s inspirations through collaborations with prestigious dancers and choreographers.

Today, FIV Magazine presents the collaborations of the House of Dior and dance. A mix of art for the body. When dance and fashion come together, it’s always a successful gamble! Dance has the power to showcase the creations of designers and fashion has the power to sublimate the bodies and movements of dancers.

Dior – Ready-to-wear Fashion Show Spring/Summer 2019

On Monday, September 24, the House of Dior presented its new Spring/Summer 2019 ready-to-wear collection inspired by the world of dance. The fashion show was a true artistic performance where 8 dancers walked around the Dior mannequins and under a rain of rose petals. An exceptional show at the Hippodrome de Longchamps where Maria Grazia Chuiri was inspired by dance as a liberating act.

The artistic director of Dior called on Israeli choreographer Sharon Eyal for the choreography. Sharon Eyal danced with the Batsheva Dance Company before becoming its artistic director and then choreographer in residence. She has created more than 15 pieces for the Batsheva Dance Company and more than 30 choreographies for dance companies around the world such as Half-life for the Royal Swedish Ballet, Feelings and Sara for the Nederland Dance Theatre or Soul Chain for Staatstheater Mainz. The young choreographer has also received many awards such as the prestigious Fedora Van Cleef & Arpels Prize for ballet in 2017.

The Hippodrome de Longchamps was decorated for the occasion with quotes from dancers and choreographers Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham, Pina Baush and Sharon Eyal. Inspiring quotes that can be found in Maria Grazia Chuiri’s creations: long dresses draped in the spirit of Isadora Duncan, dancer’s tulle skirts, feathered jackets, tights, dance suits and the world of Hip Hop with sneakers and other more modern creations. Through this collection, Maria Grazia Chuiri wished to pay homage to Monsieur Dior and to sublimate the modern woman who dances.

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Dior x The Teatro dell’Opera di Roma – Ballet Nuit Blanche

From March 29 to April 2, 2019, the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma paid tribute to contemporary music composer Philip Glass with 3 ballets, including Dior’s Nuit Blanche. Maria Grazia Chuiri was keen to collaborate with Eleonora Abbagnato, principal dancer of the Paris Opera and artistic director of the Ballet of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma. In fact, they both have an atypical background between Italy and France. Eleonora Abbagnato was chosen to be the principal dancer of the Ballet Nuit Blanche with her German partner Friedemann Vogel, principal dancer of the Stuttgart Ballet. Ballet Dior had 16 dancers and was choreographed by Sébastien Bertaud.

Dior has created sublime costumes with materials that are typical of the aesthetics of classical dance, such as tulle, mesh, light and supple materials. In homage to Monsieur Dior, silk flowers were created in the Atelier Fusion Art in Boulogne. In total, 3200 hours of work, 400 meters of tulle, more than 1500 silk flowers and 8 seamstresses.

Behind the scenes of the Ballet Nuit Blanche with La Maison Dior

Dance lessons with the Dior dancers

During the period of confinement, the House of Dior called upon its dancers and partners, including Germain Louvet, principal dancer of the Opéra National de Paris, Eleonora Abbagnato, principal dancer of the Opéra National de Paris and director of the Ballet of the Teatro dell’ Opera di Roma, Fridemann Vogel, principal dancer of the Stuttgart Ballet in a duet with Sebastien Bertaud. These 3 interludes allowed both dancers and non-dancers to dance with professionals at home. For those who missed this prestigious moment, you can view the Dior dance lessons on Youtube for free.

Maria Grazia Chuiri strengthened Monsieur Dior’s connection with dance and brought dance into the House of Dior’s heritage.

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