Meditation: Tips and exercises for relaxation, self-love and mindfulness – with videos!

Drops at university, exams at school or stressful meetings at work. We all have pressure. What can you do to take some time off in your everyday life? Is it possible between all the hectic and chaos? Meditation is a method or practice with which people want to relax and calm their mind with the help of certain exercises. These exercises are mainly mindfulness and concentration exercises in which one concentrates on certain points. The mind is thereby calmed and thoughts no longer circulate through the head. Therefore, this is also called a mind-expanding method.

Tips for meditation: Very simple methods to cope with stress & inner peace

Much in life is a question of structure and organization. This is also the case with meditation. Before we can start, we have to do a few things in order to be able to complete a successful mediation.

Basics quickly explained: suitable place, comfortable posture & Co.

The question of the location is a decisive one. The place should have a calming effect on you and not stress you out. At best, you should look for a place that is quiet and with few people, since this allows you to concentrate fully on the mediation exercises. It would be advantageous if you could meditate at the same place over and over again, as this trains your brain so that you automatically associate this place with relaxation. However, the most important thing is that you feel safe and secure in this place.

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The question about the right clothing is very quick and easy to answer: it should be comfortable and you should feel comfortable in it. At the same time, this means that you are not disturbed and therefore distracted by a top that is too tight or an uncomfortable belt.

Distractions like the mobile phone, loud music, the television, the laptop or similar are poison for a successful meditation.

Guided, free meditation for beginners: Instructions & exercises

You have decided that you want to start a mediation, but you do not know exactly how to start. Fortunately there are an incredible number of free meditations on YouTube where you can easily join in! These are already divided into beginners and advanced meditations.

5-minute meditation for deep relaxation

Five minutes is really not long. You should keep this in mind when you think you don’t have time for meditation! Drop by!

Why breathing is crucial: self-love and mindfulness

The correct breathing is crucial in meditation. The following video shows you how to do this best!

Meditation at any time of day: When is the best time for meditation?

As beginners we do not know when is the best time for us to meditate. Since every person has different preferences and is also differently productive, it is not possible to say in general when is the perfect time for you to meditate. Our tip is: Try out different times and note down after each meditation session what your impressions were. After a certain period of time, you will know when is the most suitable time for you.

Meditation in the morning after getting up

Start the day properly with a meditation. Now you know that you do not need much time to do a meditation. Build a seven minute meditation in your morning routine and notice what it starts with. Do you notice a difference or do you need more time?

Meditation in the evening for inner peace and stress management

Try to meditate in the evening. Maybe you will find that you can end your evening very well with a meditation and end your day better.

This is how the stars do it: Russell Brand and Taraji P. Henson show how it’s done!

Which celebrities actually meditate and how do they do it? Many people ask themselves this question, including us. We found out that the actors Russell Brand and the actress Taraji P. Henson like to meditate very much.

Russel Brand: British comedian gives tips

British comedian, presenter, singer, actor and author Russell Brand enthusiastically performs meditations and shares his thoughts on his YouTube channel! Have a look!

Tibetan singing bowls at Jimmy Fallon

The US-American actress and singer shows the presenter Jimmy Fallon in his show “The Tonight Show” the Tibetan singing bowls and what they do.