German Voices – Today’s Charts

More and more music fans like German singers. The wave of German rapeseed is well received and there is something for every taste. Sex, drugs and violence are no longer the focus of the songwriters. Love sorrow, friendship and travel are also popular contents of the lyrics. A mix of vocals and rap, with reggae and soul beats expands the music scene and gives us all a catchy tune!

Mark Forster #1

The musician with the cap – no matter if on radio stations, live appearances at TV shows or music seasons like “The Voice Kids” or “Sing my Song”. Mark Forster is not only storming the charts, he’s also winning all kinds of awards and prizes from the music industry. The successful singer and songwriter was born in Marek Cwiertnia and is known in the music business as Mark Forster. Since 2010 under contract at Four Music, he creates one charts hit after the other. Sympathetic, funny and warm, Mark makes it into the hearts of his fans. Also other musicians like Sido like to work with him. On TV he is celebrated for his charming way just as his music. Here is a little insight into his world!

Max Herre #2

Vocals, rock, soul and reggae in combination. Among his influences are artists like Jay-Z, but also Black Thought, Bob Marley’s Natty Dread on Al Greens Let’s stay together, the English 70s rock band Free, Ostbeat musicians like Hansi Biebl and the singer/songwriter Nick Drake. Among them are musicians such as Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, as well as Udo Lindenberg, who is considered his strongest influence. A very creative man in the German music world – Max Herre. Not only on the radio does his voice sound unique. He also rocks live acts with his band and gives everyone goose bumps. Between Samy Deluxe and Motrip, Max Herre also gives a lot to think about!

MoTrip #3

MoTrip has long been known for its flair for sophisticated rap tracks. His artist name Motrip – “Mo” for his first name Mohamed and “Mutrip” which means artist. Precise rhyming, relaxed flow, distinctive use of voice, charisma, astonishing presence, enormous depth, a sensitivity for the right beats and equal feature guests such as Kool Savas, Sido or Samy Deluxe, he is known for. His profound lyrics not only go down well with HipHop fans, others also celebrate his music!

Sami Deluxe #4

He is celebrated as Hamburg HipHop Original. Sami Deluxe is known for its vocals and reggae grooves. He is no longer to be imagined out of the HipHop / Rap scene in Germany. Thematically, his music goes back to his childhood. His song “Mimimi” means as much as fellow citizens with a migration background, today a hymn for which the Samy Deluxe celebrate. From gentleman to warrant, he’s worked with everyone. You should know him!


Just as hard as his youth was, his music is. Everybody knows his harsh voice from the music scene. With the boys of the 187s street gang you conquer the charts and take the stages apart. Besides some illegal events, GZUZ creates a steep career in the music industry. Despite hard wording and heavy topics, his lyrics are always honest and with club beats they even run on the radio, TV or in nightclubs. Many artists want to work with the star of rap. Here are some recent tracks!