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Exclusive Interview with Ami & Aya Suzuki – Fashion, Fashion Weeks, Fashion Trends

Fashion Twins – Aya and Ami Suzuki are 32-year-old Japanese twins sisters better known by their stage name Amiaya. They started their career as pop singers in Japan before becoming fashion influencers. Together, they have over 559K followers on Instagram. You can’t miss them at Fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, New York or London because they don’t go unnoticed with their fuchsia bobbed hairstyle  and exceptional looks! They can be found at the front rows of the fashion shows of Fashion Weeks Dior, Valentino, Etro, Miu Miu or Missoni. Their style is both colourful and kawaii, and their crazy outfits always in a matching outfit attract street style photographers from all over the world. Ami & Aya have also created their own ready-to-wear brand Jouetie based on streat-wear, colors and vintage.

FIV Magazine is pleased to introduce Ami & Aya Suzuki, twins stars of Fashion Weeks, through an exclusive interview in the form of Fast & Curious. Discover their favorite moment during Fashion weeks, their latest fashion bag, their favorite place in Paris or their music crush.

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