Swantje Paulina: Instagram, food, travel and resolutions + learning to love flaws

Swalina or Swantje Paulina, wows her over 600K followers with her beauty and candid nature on Instagram. The international model is loved for her expressive pictures with her striking freckles and today she works with huge brands and magazines. We got to interview her and asked her questions about the model and beauty world, tips for the new year and plans for her future!

Modeling as a hobby: Swalina’s dream job

As a model you are very successful in the fashion & beauty world, do you see it as a job or can it be called a kind of hobby as you get to travel and experience a lot? How did you get into modeling?

Well, it’s kind of a mix. Of course it’s my job somewhere, but it’s become very normal for me to be somewhere else every week and I LOVE it! I get bored quickly if I’m always in the same place. I got into modeling when I applied for a job at an agency on the internet and then they got me.
I wanted to. Then it went straight off!

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How do you manage to find peace next to Instagram, shoots, fitness, travel and jobs? Do you have 3 tips for our readers on how to find a balance as a model?

So, I think there’s really only one tip and that is: Love what you do and stand behind it 100%. Then you don’t need any time off or rest. During
of traveling, by the way, I can totally relax. Music in the ear and just enjoy the peace and quiet until you arrive at your destination.

Swantje’s future plans: businesswoman

2019 is almost over – 2020 is just around the corner: care to tell us what some of your plans are for the future? Looking back, how did you find the year? Did you achieve what you set out to do?

I would like to build my own business. Being independent and free is and will always be my biggest goal. That is the only thing that makes me truly happy. And exactly
I’ve already managed to do that very well this year! 2019 was great.

Self-love & self-acceptance: When flaws become hallmarks

Self-love and self-acceptance: You may have already received criticism due to supposed flaws, how do you manage to deal with them and what would be your tip to learn to love yourself?

Yes, I’ve had to deal with that many times and unfortunately I still have to. Some people just don’t understand that their comments are unnecessary and hurtful. One should
but never listen to it. A person who is capable of making someone else feel that he is not enough is cruel. But one must never forget that such
People do it even out of deep insecurity to make themselves feel better.

What are your absolute must-haves for every day?

I’m always in need of a lip balm. My favorite for what feels like a thousand years is the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream.

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Outfits for winter: Tips from a model

You are always up to date in the fashion industry – what do you recommend our readers to wear in winter?

Totally hip at the moment are the so-called “blazer dresses” (of course only at the Christmas party in the warm). For outside again and again coats that go down almost to the sole of the foot. And of course always big, cuddly scarves!

Healthy dishes after New Year’s Eve: model and influencer gives tips

New year, new resolutions, you’re past the holiday season of cookies and sweets – what are your 2 favorite healthy dishes?

I love açaí and porridge bowls. With yummy fresh fruit toppings and two big spoonfuls of untreated almond nut for sweetness! Yummy 🙂

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