Simon Desue – one of the best Youtuber in Germany

Simon Desue is probably a name for every Youtube fan. He is regarded as one of the biggest Youtube stars in Germany. But what is behind the sympathetic facade? We have researched and selected some interesting facts for you.

Who’s Simon Desue?

Joshua White Leather. Rather known as Simon Desue, was born on August 20, 1991 in Hamburg. Before he started school, he lived a year with his father, who came from the Ivory Coast and lived there. However, this stay was interrupted due to a civil war and Joshua returned to Hamburg. 12 years later he opened his first Youtube channel, followed shortly after by a second one. This was followed by guest appearances in numerous television programmes, roles in feature films and series and book publications. In 2016 he left his home in Cologne and since then has been producing his web videos in Miami, USA. His videos are mainly about comedy, entertainment and music, which are followed by over 3 million people.

Questions about Simon Desue – already known?

Does Simon have pets?

No, he once had a little dog called Simba, but unfortunately he gave the dog away again. He probably didn’t have time to take care of the dog the way he deserved.

What’s his favorite show?

For Simon, the absolute best series is Breaking Bad. Nothing’s gonna get there.

Who’s his favorite musician?

There’s a lot of good music out there, Simon thinks. But his favorite artist is and remains Drake.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Why was Simon on Celebrity Big Brother?

He was looking for a challenge and that was just right for him! He played a young hooligan there and with success. His fans and numerous other spectators enjoyed it. We at FIV have also been big fans.

Facts about Simon Desue

  • Optimal day: “get up, eat, sleep”
  • Simon has published 4 books
  • He makes his money only through Youtube
  • Simon owns its own Merchshop
  • In his first video he criticized the platform SchülerVZ
  • His girlfriend is Enisa Bukvic and is model

More Simon for you:

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