Laura Müller: Michael Wendler girlfriend, Instagram, TV, career? – Interview with social media experts

Laura Müller – Laura Müller and the Wendler, an incredible media phenomenon! The couple met about a year and a half ago. Laura was and is a big fan of Michael Wendler, even knows his songs partly by heart. While Laura Müller was smiled at by many at the beginning, she has become a real TV starlet. With participation in broadcasting formats like the “Sommerhaus der Stars” on RTL or currently on “Let’s Dance”. She presents herself to millions of people, not only on TV but also on Instagram. Almost half a million people follow Laura Müller on Instagram. by now. What is behind the phenomenon Laura Müller and where does her success come from?

Student, Instagram It girl, TV starlet

Laura Müller drops out of school – For the Wendler, Laura drops out of school at the age of 18 and only one year before the Abitur. Originally Laura Müller comes from Stendal, a small town in Saxony-Anhalt, between the Harz Mountains, Berlin and Bavaria. There she went to school, but with the acquaintance of the Wendler, the subject of school was quickly settled for her. She dropped out, a year before her school-leaving examination. Now she lives with Michael and his daughter in the USA, more precisely in Cape Coral, Florida. Yet Laura is only a few months older than Michael Wendler’s daughter Adeline. In Germany her career is really taking off. More than 500,000 followers on Instagram, participation in one of the biggest TV shows in Germany “Let’s Dance” and she also gives her “Schatzi” a new car. Career woman or coincidence?

“Baby” – remix by Stard Ova (music video)

Laura’s career – interview with social media experts

We met with an expert from Social Media One. The agency works for large and international brands and also looks after young Instagram starlets like Laura Offermann. What do the experts assess Laura Müller’s career and career opportunities?

FIV – First of all, thank you very much for your time! Laura Müller now has half a million followers on Instagram, dances on TV at prime time and already has twice as many as her friend, the Wendler. How is it possible that Laura starts from 0 to 100 in such a short time and has created such a large reach?

Social Media One – Laura’s great success comes from two sources. On the one hand, her relationship with Michael Wendler enabled her to take advantage of the high media presence from day one. The two polarize. Especially through the almost forbidden relationship, in which she was officially already 18 years old. Plus the relationship drama with Wendler’s soon-to-be ex-wife. A real drama that can be reported about daily. Second: Sex sells. Laura does what works well on Instagram: beach, bikini, tight dresses. The young, sexy girl. From her appearance in the first Wendler music video, scantily clad in hot pants, to the current Playboy shoot. Like I said, sex sells! Not just in real life, not just on TV, but on Instagram.

Accordingly, she uses the image of Lolita, who is slowly becoming a vamp.

The mix of sensationalism, through the relationship with her boyfriend Michael Wendler, the high age difference, the constant publicity and the “Lolita” image push the interest in her person extremely. But what makes Laura Müller very strong is her very strategic approach. While Michael Wendler often makes you think that you’re not putting your foot in it again, she takes a relatively straight path and appears very structured and thoughtful in her interviews. Of course she plays with the cliché, but behind the façade there could also be a smart woman.

Laura’s first music video with Michael

Laura’s first music video: “One loves always more” by Michael Wendler.

Laura connects Instagram & TV

FIV – She is not only booked for Wendler’s own music videos, but also by many customers, as you can see on Instagram. Advertising here, advertising there. Why does Laura Müller work so well as an advertising face?

Social Media One – Laura Müller works so well as an advertising face because she connects two worlds, two otherwise separate target groups: Instagram and TV.

She appeals to young people on Instagram but also has a high profile in an older, broader target group of TV viewers through her boyfriend Michael Wendler. Most aspiring starlets are only within one target group. Just as the typical bachelor candidate usually only has real presence on TV, i.e. in an older target group and an Instagram star who fails to make the leap into another target group. But Laura has both and is authentic.

Laura reaches both areas and is currently generating a lot of interest, so people want to learn more about her and her life. According to the principle: Every press is good press. The polarization, the great interest, as that ensures that people deal with their lives, for example in their daily Instagram Stories. Perfect for product placements, hotels she travels to, products she uses but also TV shows she participates in and will participate in the future. It guarantees ratings and attention.
FIV – Playboy Cover, Lets-Dance participation, does Laura Müller work alone by now or in other words, was Michael Wendler just a stepping stone for her career?

Social Media One – For one or two years she will surely have to put up with Wendler! But she is definitely on a good path to media independence. But at the moment she still needs the whole love story about herself and the Wendler. Otherwise her life would be boring. Being single for two years is out of the question for Laura, because that means she loses her story.

Maybe she could run off with a dancer after Let’s Dance. As long as the love story is extraordinary. Because that’s what her name stands for.

When I look at the reflected nature of Laura Müller, I think that she can be taken quite seriously. She is very authentic in her way, which makes her a real favorite for many people. But whoever watches interviews with her, as I said, sees that she answers in a reflected way and who sees that she knows which stories she carries to the outside world and which she doesn’t.

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Playboy x Laura Mueller I’m on the PLAYBOY magazine @playboygermany what an HONOR?? / magazine now available? *anzeige — MADE IT? Magazin ab Donnerstag überall im HANDEL erhältlich!? #playboy #playboycover #playboygermany @fboitin @playboy @playboygermany — Ich bin so unendlich stolz und überglücklich PLAYBOY COVER der aktuellen Februar Ausgabe 2020 sein zu dürfen? Der Playboy? steht für mich für ästhetische, stilvolle, erotische und professionelle Bilder und mit dieser Zusammenarbeit ist für mich ein großer Traum in Erfüllung gegangen? Ich bin so dankbar dafür?? Ich habe mich selten so wohl in meiner Haut gefühlt, wie bei dem Shooting auf Mallorca und möchte auch anderen Frauen damit MUT machen: Lasst euch von anderen nicht verunsichern oder kritisieren, lernt euren Körper lieben, denn so wie ihr seid, seid ihr einzigartig und besonders✨ An dieser Stelle bedanke ich mich für das wundervolle Team und die tolle Zusammenarbeit mit @playboygermany ? Ich habe noch nie zuvor mit so lieben und tollen Menschen zusammen gearbeitet. Ich sende meinem Team tausend Küsse zu???? Ich habe euch alle so in mein Herz geschlossen. Also Ladies?: Seid stolz auf eure Kurven und liebt euren Körper! Ganz egal was andere sagen, glaubt an eure Träume auch wenn Dich andere dafür verurteilen oder schlecht machen. Man lebt nur einmal und Du entscheidest WIE? WITH LOVE Laura Sophie? ©️Playboygermany

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Playboy x Laura Mueller *anzeige Ich bin jetzt ein Teil der ?-Familie! @playboygermany Ich platze immer noch so vor stolz? und bin so happy! Das Shooting fand im Oktober letzten Jahres statt und es fühlt sich so an, als wäre es erst gestern gewesen. Die Zeit vergeht so schnell und ich bin so dankbar diese Erfahrung machen zu dürfen?? Ich bereue es keine Minute? Ich möchte mich bei all denjenigen bedanken, die mich immer so unterstützen und zu mir halten. Ihr seid mir so ins Herz gewachsen und ich bin stolz diese tollen Menschen hier auf meinem Profil zu finden? Ich bekomme TAUSENDE Nachrichten von euch und kann nicht jede beantworten, aber ich bin euch für alles dankbar?? #einteam Ich danke auch meiner Familie für die Unterstützung❤️ ohne euch wäre ich nicht der Mensch der ich bin! @playboygermany @playboy @fboitin @wendler.michael — #playboygermany #playboy #bunny #bunnylife #bunnyfamily #playboycover #cover ©️playboygermany

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Trapped in love stories

FIV – It girls are not a new phenomenon. To which celebrities and their careers can comparisons be made and why?

Social Media One – For readers who are not in the Instagram generation, Dieter Bohlen, Verona Pooth and Nadja Abd El Farrag come to mind quite spontaneously. But who will be Laura Müller in this game is the question. Smart like Verona Pooth or lost in old age like Nadja Abd El Farrag. Hopefully she will be like Verona Pooth! They do have a few parallels, both seem a bit naive, but they are smart. If you remember more exactly, you might also know that Verona Pooth once recorded a song. Exactly what Laura now wants to do with the Wendler! Last week the record contract was signed at Universal.

FIV – Where do you see Laura Müller in terms of success in two or three years?

Social Media One – Laura has success mainly through her media presence. Media presence requires new stories. Accordingly, I can imagine that at some point it will be difficult to find new stories. At some point everything is told and with her polarizing start, something even more interesting has to come, difficult. She met a 46-year-old pop star when she was just 18 years old, now she’s on Let’s Dance, one of the biggest TV formats, what more is to come? If she now “only” becomes a fashion designer, it would certainly not be an interesting story for the tabloids and TV stations.

She’ll just be love stories.

Maybe in a year or two she’ll take time off from love and the media. Regenerates and reinvents herself. Like Lena Meyer-Landrut, for example, who also became known throughout Germany at a very young age and has increasingly recognised that she has to serve a certain image, that she herself is not or no longer. After all, a lot changes when you are 18 years old.

FIV – Many thanks for the answers!

Q&A: Questions and answers

Where does Laura Müller come from?

Laura Sophie Müller, as she is called by her full name, comes from Stendal (Saxony-Anhalt).

Where does Laura Müller live?

Since 2019 she has been living in Wendler’s Villa in Cape Coral, USA.

How old is Laura Müller?

How old is Laura Müller friend of Michael Wendler? When was Laura Müller born? That was a big question, especially at the beginning of her career. After all, the two met, so Laura was still very, very young, officially 18 years old. Laura was born on 30 July 2000. So in 2020 she will be 19 and 20 years old respectively.

How tall is Laura Müller?

As you could learn in Let’s Dance, she is 1.62 m tall.

If Laura’s birthday is on July 30th, then she’s a Leo.

How old is the Wendler?

When was the Wendler born? The Wendler was born on 22 June 1972, so he is 47 years old.

What is Michael Wendler’s real name?

The Wendler’s civil name is Michael Norberg. The name Norberg is still borne by his ex-wife, Claudia Norberg. But his last name is Skowronek (source: Wikipedia).

Where does the Wendler come from?

Michael Wendler comes from Dinslaken in North Rhine-Westphalia.

How old is Claudia Norberg?

Michael Wendler’s ex-wife Claudia Norberg was born on 11 November 1970. So in 2020 she will be 49 and 50 years old respectively.