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San Diego Pooth: Golfer, Model, Life & Training in the Sunshine State Florida (USA)

San Diego Pooth – golf talent, model, life in the USA! Who doesn’t dream of this when he is just 18 years old? San Diego Pooth is pursuing his big dream of becoming a professional golfer, now no longer in his home country in Germany, but in the USA at Saddlebrook Academy. Now Diego Pooth […]

Jeremey, Meeks, Model, Bad Boy, Auge, Ex Häftling

Jeremy Meeks: Ex prisoner with blue eyes becomes a model

The model with the ice-blue eyes and the bad boy image. Jeremy Meeks has made many wrong decisions in his life. But getting into the model business was certainly not one of them. The former inmate leaves his criminal past behind in 2014 and signs a modeling contract. The start of a career that loosened […]

Laura Müller: Michael Wendler girlfriend, Instagram, TV, career? – Interview with social media experts

Laura Müller – Laura Müller and the Wendler, an incredible media phenomenon! The couple met about a year and a half ago. Laura was and is a big fan of Michael Wendler, even knows his songs partly by heart. While Laura Müller was smiled at by many at the beginning, she has become a real […]

Toni Mahfud: From photographer to model

The 23-year-old is the absolute leader among male influencers in Germany. For he not only convinces with his beautiful appearance, but also enchants his fans with his art in the form of photography and drawings. Not to forget Toni is also characterized by his casual style and his cool personality. All of this ensured that […]

Sami Slimani – Youtuber for nine years

Sami Slimani has been a successful YouTuber for nine years. He was one of the first to make videos to give advice and recommendations. It has been imitated by many users and now there are countless YouTuber, but Sami is something very special. Because it also convinces through its personality and its life experience. Sami: […]

Lukas Rieger – the singer, social media star and girl swarm goes on tour

He’s a singer, social media star and crush of girls. Lukas Rieger is the German superstar! With almost 2 million Instagram followers and almost as many loyal fans, he is one of the most successful German stars. In November he starts his second tour to see his fans live again. Everything you need to know […]

Julienco – Youtube Star, Bibis Friend, Pranks and Comedy

This post is about Julian Clasßen. Better known as Julienco, the man at Bibi’s side, the Youtuber in the field of comedy and pranks. You will learn exciting things from his life as a Youtuber and private things, things about his relationship with Bibi and, licorice and Ariana Grande. Julienco Instagram Julienco Youtube Who is […]

Falco Punch about his girlfriend, fashion tips and future plans!

Falco Punch – an absolute multi-talent. He is known on Musically for his transition videos – that’s why he was even at the Vidcon in Los Angeles and presented them. On Youtube the muser uploads more and more videos, among others also tutorials to his Musicallyvideos! We talked to him about his further Youtube productions, […]

Everyone loves superstar heartthrob Mike Singer

Mike Singer is one of the social media stars! Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook or Musical.ly, Mike takes the hearts of all the girls by storm. With his first tour he was on the road all over Germany. Does he have a girlfriend? What does Mike do in his private life? We have all the answers […]