Everyone loves superstar heartthrob Mike Singer

Mike Singer is one of the social media stars! Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook or Musical.ly, Mike takes the hearts of all the girls by storm. With his first tour he was on the road all over Germany. Does he have a girlfriend? What does Mike do in his private life? We have all the answers for you!

Mike Singer’s first tour: Karma

From March 30, 2017, Mike melted girls’ hearts on his Karma Tour. There his tour started in Kassel, then he traveled throughout Germany until he ended the tour with his last concert in Vienna on April 30.In total he gave 19 great concerts. He played in front of sold out halls and made his fans scream, cry and laugh. The focus was on the songs from his new and super successful album Karma. There was a killer stage set and his vocals were accompanied by a DJ, drummers and guitarists. The start times were also a big plus, allowing younger audience members to attend the show. Doors opened for admission promptly at 5:30 p.m. and the show started at 6:15 p.m. with the opening act. The songwriter Vincent Gross was allowed to open the show.

The Karma Tour Reloaded starts in autumn 2017

This tour was a huge success for Mike and his whole team, so he announced the happy news that there will be a second tour this year: the Karma Tour Reloaded. It will start in autumn 2017 and already makes his fans shine. Because now they have a second opportunity to experience their idol live and up close on stage.

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Where can you get tickets for the 2017 tour?

The presale has started recently. The tickets are available from 38,44 Euro for example on Eventim. You should hurry though, because no girl wants to miss the chance to be close to Mike. In addition to the normal standing room tickets there is also the possibility to buy special VIP tickets. These include the following additional services: Early admission, meet & greet, signed autograph card, signed poster, VIP pass with band, teamsinger private party after the show at the venue and a surprise gift. To get your hands on one, however, you’ll have to spend at least 109 euros.

The album “Karma” conquered the German charts

On February 24th Mike Singer’s debut album “Karma” was released. He and his team worked on it for over a year. They put a lot of thought into it, wrote and changed songs. The hard work paid off, on the album you can find 17 beautiful songs plus a bonus track. The album was very well received by all fans and shot straight to number 1 in the German charts. Mike was overjoyed and could hardly believe it himself. This recognition means a lot to him, because he put an incredible amount of love and energy into it. Besides the title song of the album, which is also called Karma and which we already know and sing along to since 2016, Mike’s favorite songs on the album are “Egal”, “Fanpost” and “Alien”. The song Karma is especially close to his heart, as he himself also believes in the justice of karma. The main theme of the album is the disappointment of love also he thanks in his songs and makes people courage.

You can buy the album from 11 Euro.

What songs are on the album?

These songs are on his new album Karma:

  1. 01.Mike Singer – My Album
  2. 02.Mike Singer – Karma
  3. 03.Mike Singer – Appears
  4. 04.Mike Singer – 2017
  5. 05.Mike Singer – Ich Freue Mich So Sehr Darauf
  6. 06.Mike Singer – The Song
  7. 07.Mike Singer – No
  8. 08.Mike Singer – Has Still A Special Meaning
  9. 09.Mike Singer – No matter
  10. 10.Mike Singer – Later More On This
  11. 11.Mike Singer – Also
  12. 12.Mike Singer – Can
  13. 13.Mike Singer – You Yourself
  14. 14.Mike Singer – Schon Mal Auf
  15. 15.Mike Singer – Bring Me To Sing
  16. 16.Mike Singer – Joy
  17. 17.Mike Singer – And On Two
  18. 18.Mike Singer – bonus tracks

Lyrics Karma

Tell me, was it worth it? That you’re losing me, I can’t understand it

For you my world reversed I thought we two had conquered everything

Wanted my soul and every moment No matter how I tried to save what isn’t One-sided love fails Sadly it had to end (end) this way

And I detach myself from all that surrounds you Say you don’t realize that it defeats you

Cause believe me it’s coming karma karma believe me it’s coming karma believe me it’s coming karma

I’m not holding on anymore, I’m happy in the now They say you miss what we were You’re in a bad way, the wings are gone

You wanted to live like this, always wanted more Without any consideration, say do you feel this pain?

One-sided love fails

Sadly it had to end (end) And I detach (myself) From everything that surrounds you Say don’t you realize It defeats you

Cause believe me it’s coming karma karma believe me it’s coming karma believe me it’s coming karma

And eventually it catches up with you (catches up with you, catches up with you, catches up with you).

You realize I’m never yours again (never yours again, never yours again, never yours again) Believe me, seeing you like this I’m really sorry (sorry, really sorry, really sorry)

But what was once between us is over And I’m detaching from everything that surrounds you Say you don’t realize that it defeats you

Cause believe me it’s coming karma Cause believe me it’s coming karma Believe me it’s coming karma Believe me it’s coming karma Believe me it’s coming karma Believe me it’s coming karma

The official music video for Karma

The music video for Karma was shot in Los Angeles.


On Instagram, Mike inspires 1.3 million fans

Mike Singer inspires over 1.3 million people with his Instagram account. There he regularly posts photos of himself and gives his subscribers an impression of his life. You can see him in the photos with friends, his family or results of great photo shoots. In addition, one receives important information and news in the comments. His fans show by the many likes and comments how important it is to them to experience as much as possible of Mike. Mike is happy every time about the kind words of his fans.

On Youtube Mike publishes professional videos

Youtube is very important for Mike, because that’s where he started his career. Youtube gave him the first chance to prove his singing talent. In 2012 he started to publish cover songs and even his own songs there. By now, his Youtube page is much more professional. It is followed by almost 500,000 people and his videos are viewed up to 7 million times. You can find great music videos there, which were shot with a lot of effort and professional team. Most of the videos are set in America. There are also cool vlogs in which he lets the viewers in on the background events, special surprises or specials with other stars can also be found there.

Mike sells great clothes and accessories in his own online shop

Mike Singer has his own online shop. He has put a lot of effort and time into designing great clothes and accessories. The results are impressive. Classy pieces of clothing have come out. His fans love them. The T-shirts are embossed by him, almost every one has his name on it or a photo printed on the chest. In the online shop you can buy 16 T-shirts, 9 hoodies, wristbands in all colors, as well as caps, hats and buttons. New in his shop is the Karma Merch. This includes 9 articles. Great hoodies, t-shirts and longsleeves are part of it. On the stuff there is always a big writing with the word “Karma” on it. In addition, the new Karma album may not be missing. The warehouse is located in England, in London. It takes about 3-4 working days until the delivery reaches its new owner in Germany. If the package is delivered to Austria or Switzerland, it can take up to 14 days. The shipping costs are between 4.50 and 5.50 Euro, regardless of the weight. If you have fallen in love with a piece, you should not wait too long with the order, because the parts are always sold out faster.

The bracelets were sold out on the tour

At his concerts, the Armand was always sold out within minutes. Fortunately there is the possibility to order it in the online shop. It is available in 3 different versions. The standard model has the lettering Mike Singer and is available in the colors red, purple, white, turquoise and yellow. The other two models have the lettering “Make me sing” and “#Egal”. They all cost 4.99 euros.

The fans love his sweaters

Mike offers 9 sweaters in his online shop. 3 of them are from the Karma Merch. These hoodies are available in orange, grey and black. On the chest it says KARMA in the typical writing. They cost 44,99 Euro. Alternatively there are 2 more hoodies with a big logo in the middle. He also offers longsleeves. There are 2 models of them. One has the beloved Mike Singer name only on the sleeves, the other one is a bit more elaborate and has an eye-catching logo with a lobster in the middle. Both longsleeves cost 24,99 Euro.

T- Shirts are available in different designs

His T-shirts are available in many different designs and colors. For example with photos of Mike Singer himself, with writings like “I’m a real Singer” or “Karmatour” or with cool motifs like skulls. The T-shirts all cost 24,99 Euro and are made of 100% cotton. Unfortunately, many of them are sold out again and again.

Mike Singer’s songs tell stories

Mike Singer has currently concentrated on German singing. Even though he has only released German-language songs since 2015, he doesn’t rule out the possibility of singing in English again. For now, he says he likes the German version better and it suits him better. “The album has a lot of different facets, with modern beats that will engage and appeal to everyone,” is how Mike describes his album in his own words. His music is modern pop with some R’n’B elements.

The main themes are friendship, gratitude and love

Above all, his songs appeal to the teenage generation, but also adults they create a smile in the face. In his songs he reflects the emotional world of young people again, so that they feel understood by the songs. An important theme is of course that being together with friends and like-minded people. With some of his songs he also wanted to encourage the fans and give them strength. His song “Karma” is about the lost first love and the song “Alien” tells about a very special girl. Mike admits that this is a made up story though and that it only plays in his imagination.

Mike was supported in songwriting by well-known stars

Mike Singer co-wrote all the songs on his new album, but no lyrics alone. He had support from a professional songwriting team that included SummerCem, Eko Fresh and Fabian Römer. Mike says he learned a lot from them and would like to write his songs himself someday.

Few know his real first name

Even though most people only know him as Mike Singer, his real first name is Michael.

In a few months, Mike will be all grown up

Mike is 17 years old. He was born on 20 January 2000. Therefore his star sign is Aquarius.

Mike Singer lives in Germany

Mike Singer was born in Kehl, a city in Germany. After that he lived with his family in Offenbug in Baden Würtemberg. The German city is close to the French border. But at the moment he travels all over the world.

Mike consistently pulls through school

School is an important topic for Mike. Although Mike has already graduated from secondary school, he would also like to do his A-levels. However, it is not always easy to combine school and music. He often has to prepare himself for work. But his classmates and teachers support him and always send him the complete material. Mike is quite ambitious and is determined to do well in school. When he was little he wanted to be a policeman or a pilot. Now he definitely wants to stay in the music business. Even if it shouldn’t work as a singer anymore, he could imagine to become a manager or producer.

His family is very close to Mike’s heart

Mike has a younger brother. His family is very close to Mike’s heart. They are always behind him and support him in all his endeavors. Especially in the beginning his parents were worried about his safety. Once even the private phone number of his family was published, something Mike understandably can’t take a joke about. Mike’s father will also accompany him on the first half of his tour. His mother and the rest of his family will come to the concerts nearby, like Frankfurt or Stuttgart. Of course they will be there backstage to cheer him on.

Music is Mikes biggest hobby

His biggest hobby is music. Although for him it is more than that, it is his passion. Otherwise he is quite sporty, he likes swimming for example. In his free time he also likes to meet with friends. Often they go to the Europapark together, he even has an annual ticket for that. Fashion is also an important topic for the 17-year-old musician. He follows and shapes the current trends.

Mike sends his number

In 10,000 of his limited edition Karmaboxes Mike Singer sent along his mobile phone number. Through this number the fans get all the news first and constantly receive new photos that are not published anywhere else. Of course, he also has another cell phone number for his private environment, but this will remain secret.

His career: from Youtuber to superstar

He started his career on Youtube

Mike has always loved music and started writing his own songs. Since 2012 Mike concentrated on music. He started to cover songs of famous musicians and publish them on Youtube. He also uploaded his self-written songs on his channel.

His first live appearance on The Voice of Germany

In 2013 Mike Singer was a participant of the casting show The Voice Of Germany Kids. At that time he was 13 years old and tried his breakthrough there. At his first performance he sang the famous song Boyfriend by his idol Justin Bieber and inspired the jury and the audience. He decided to join the team of Lena Meyer Landrut. But already at the next round, the Battels, Lena decided for his opponent and Mike had to leave the show. Of course he had hoped for more, but when he looks back now, he sees it as an important experience.

Mike released his first album in 2014

Did you know that Mike already released an album in 2014? The album is called “Only You” and you can buy it for 8,99Euro. It was produced by Mike together with the label YouTunez. On this album he proved that he can also sing beautifully in English. At that time Mike was not very well known, so his album was not as successful as his current songs.

These songs are part of the album:

  1. Wanna Wanna
  2. Promises
  3. Love That Girl
  4. Goodbye
  5. Hold On
  6. Only You
  7. Yes I Will
  8. Till the Break of Day
  9. Would You Stay
  10. Over The Circus
  11. People People
  12. You Are There For Me
  13. Yes I Will (Remix)
  14. Would You Stay (Remix)

Mike released successful songs without a record deal

Mike didn’t give up, though. He kept going with the music. Although he didn’t have a record deal, he recorded and released his own EP. It is called “Only with you”. He gained important experience with live performances and could already inspire many girls, even without professional help. Mike also had good opportunities to do so, because at home he has his own music studio.

Mike’s a star!

It is not until 2016 that Mike signs a contract with Warner Music. On November 4, 2016, he releases his most famous single Karma. This song becomes his biggest success. In 2016, the single “Bring me to sing” follows. In 2017, he continues with “Egal” and “Nein.” Then on February 24, 2017, he releases his hit album Karma, which everyone has been waiting for. It shoots straight to number 1 in the German charts. Mike’s absolute breakthrough! Shortly thereafter, the tour for the album starts and is, as you would expect, a smash hit. Mike can hardly save himself from fans, dates and recognition. Did you know that Mike already released an album in 2014? The album is called “Only You” and you can buy it for 8,99Euro. It was produced by Mike together with the label YouTunez. On this album he proved that he can also sing beautifully in English. At that time Mike was not very well known, so his album was not as successful as his current songs.

There are already 5 singles

  • 2015: Heal
  • 2016: Karma
  • 2016: Make me sing
  • 2017: No matter
  • 2017: No

Does Mike Singer have a girlfriend?

The question of all questions: Does Mike Singer have a girlfriend? The answer is no. He says himself that he has no time for that at the moment. His life is all about music at the moment and he wants to concentrate on it completely. Nevertheless, there are always wild rumors. At his concert, 17-year-old Enyadres sang the famous song “because I’m a girl” from the nineties. Again, many fans wondered if she was Mike’s girlfriend. Mike often has to be careful, because even when he posted a picture where he took a fan by the hand, the rumor mill bubbled and it came to many jealousy attacks of his female fans. Mike says in an interview that he is not looking for a girlfriend but that you never know when love will strike.

Justin Bieber is Mike’s big role model

Mike’s biggest role model is Justin Bieber. Mike is now even known as “the German Justin Bieber”.

Mike is very grateful to his fans

Mike Singer has an incredible amount of loyal fans who admire and adore him. Over 1 million people follow him on Instagram and over 400,000 on Facebook and Youtube. He says himself that his fans make him happy and that he owes them a lot. They support him always and everywhere. When he meets them, he takes a lot of time for them to take pictures, sign autographs or just give them a hug and talk. Sometimes he can hardly believe himself how happy he can make them through these little gestures. Unfortunately, there have also been less pleasant moments, such as during one of his autograph sessions in Mönchengladbach. More than 800 people wanted to push their way to him to get an autograph. Several young women suffered a circulatory collapse as a result.