Rilès – a French rapper with international success

There are some who would give everything for their passion, all their soul, their strength, their energy. Such is the case of the French rapper Riles who for a few years now has turned his passion into a real profession. It all started for him in his bedroom before he signed to an American label and recorded a track with Snoop Dog the following year. FIV Magazine presents you today this promising artist.

Who is Riles?

Originally from Rouen in Normandy, Rilès is 24 years old and his success is well established. For this French artist who rappes in English, it all started in his bedroom, which he gradually transformed into a studio. Having learnt music on his own, he made a name for himself between 2016 and 2017 during the “Rilesundayz”, publishing one piece of music a week for a year. He recorded several quality clips like Brothers or College Dropout. Very quickly he is spotted by one of the most influential French youtuber of the platform. In 2018, he shoots his video clip “Should I” in Los Angeles and then realizes his first festival tour after his “Jungle tour” in 2017. In 2019, after releasing a few Rilesnippetz and recording his song “Marijuana”, in which Snoop Dog plays, he embarked on a second tour, the Tiger Tour, which he did in two stages. First, he toured internationally in March-April 2019 with opening dates in Cologne and Berlin, then he filled French concert halls in November-December 2019. Finally, on 30 August 2019, he released his album Welcome to the Jungle, marking his arrival in the music industry.

An album that solidifies the Rilesundayz label

This album, even if Rilès says that it is “not a happy album” but that he is “happy to have done it”, was a real hit for him. Indeed, his music has set fire to the zeniths of France and is appreciated by an ever-widening audience. Accompanied by his artist-dancer-musician-singer friends, Rilès owes his success to an overflowing energy and his ultra solid team. Together they represent a family and a label: Rilesundayz. This label illustrates itself through its artists including Riles but also with the clothing brand Rilesundayz and the annual Rilessundayz Magazine – the first issue was published in recent months and traces the year 2019 of this label that continues to grow. Never short of ideas, Rilessundayz sees “creativity as the only way out”.

A meticulous artistic work always more meticulous

Rilès is known in the world of music for being a great worker with an eye for detail. Since the release of his album, he has recorded a few clips such as the one of Thank God, released on October 18th, the flagship track of the rapper’s fame with Brothers and Pesetas.

Then comes the clip of Queen, that he shoots in the streets of Marrakech at the cool. Rilès’s clips are each time more original and neater, Against the Clock and Myself N the sea, released before the album are the proof.

Ever since the Rilesundayz, Rilès has had this obsession with time, this race for the watch that is illustrated through an hourglass that he never fails to show on his pieces. In each of the titles of his album Welcome to the Jungle figures the word “run” symbolizing this escape from time. One thing is sure now that the album is out, Rilès will keep running.

The hidden talents of Rilès

The young singer is also gifted in painting, he who used to paint to pay his mother’s debts before. Surprisingly enough, he can paint with both his right and left hands.

Rilès also shares with us his talent as a dancer alongside his friends and dancers from Rilessundayz, Moos, Chris, Bryce and Waseem.

Rilès in 2020

Today, Rilès comes back with an EP, “LVL 36” (extended play) which pleases and which is the fruit of a revival for the Rouen rapper who tries to protect himself from North American pressure who signed with Republic Records in 2018, thus having the same label as Drake or Lil Wayne. This EP features 4 tracks: LET IT GO featuring Canadian rapper Tommy Genesis, FEELINGS, KEEP IT SEXY and GOA. An unexpected EP that underlines the work done by Rilès during his last months in studio and in Los Angeles.

With the video clip “GOA”, Rilès shares once again his flow and his talent in front of the camera, always accompanied and supported by his acolytes, Younès, Terrence, Chris, Moos, Elisa, Bryce, Asael, Don Carlito, Johanna, Leone and so many others from the Rouen region.

In any case, the tiger Rilès may roar for a long time to come…

So the clever and skilful rapper continues to make people dream and entertain with his songs. In July 2019, he had already caused a sensation by creating a track based on the horn of his neighbour’s car, Wash my car. A self-derision that amuses more and more fans who hope to see him again soon in concerts and festivals, where he never fails to thrill the crowd!

While waiting for his concerts to resume, the young rapper supports other artists such as the designer Simon Jacquemus during his SS21 fashion show “L’Amour” in the open field.

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