Music in Germany: Artists of chart music

Many try their hand in the world of music. Especially via Instagram, Facebook or Youtube their music spreads faster. Often the newcomers are known and successful in another industry. But why not music? We show you the best newcomers in the music business!

Artist, entrepreneur, singer: Fynn Kliemann

Known to us as web designer, talented do-it-yourselfer, author and now also musician? Fynn publishes his first music album – never – and shows a thoughtful Fynn who gives us an insight into his unknown world with these lyrics. His lyrics are about family and love. He gives free rein to his creativity, just like in his work. The special feature of this album, everyone who pre-ordered until 28.09 will get a digital edition. After that date this album is no longer available in physical form. In the end there were over 800.000 orders. With this music, Fynn Kliemann is at the top of the Top 10 albums 2018, and you can find the latest on Fynn Kliemann on Instagram – or on one of his 2 Youtube channels : Fynn Kliemann Music, Fynn Kliemann. We are looking forward to more DIY videos and music that goes to the heart!

Multi talent of the instruments: Tash Sultana

Not a rapper, not a soulful singer or an RnB singer – but incredibly noteworthy! Tash is a multi-instrumentalist, a wonder girl who takes the stage apart as a soloist at concerts. Her genre is unknown or cannot be subsumed under one direction. A variety of musical styles or a new, unknown genre. Her management says: neither woman nor man, is her name, rather non-bionic. Tash, born in Melbourne, started with street music years ago and started publishing her songs on Youtube. Since she plays music on her own and still does a job that could be a band – she is the new creature in the business! With over 10 different instruments and the inspiration of various musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Erykah Badu, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin, alt-J and Phil Collins – we believe she will be very soon, very famous.

German rap for women: Loredana

Loredana, who was born in Albania, grew up in Switzerland. The girlfriend of the successful Albanian rapper Mozzik becomes a star with just one song in 2018. Her self-confident and cool manner is not well received by everyone at first. In spring she starts teasing her first single on Instagram. With the release of the song – Sunglasses – Loredana gets 2 million clicks within the first 24 hours and some of the scene like Nura, Schwesta Ewa and Visa Vie support her via Instagram. The style of music is well received by many and so she ends up in the Top 15 of the charts. With her coolness – her look and her music, she deserves this recognition!

Youtuber & musician: Marvin Game

It is known since its Hotbox format on Youtube. The Berlin boy invites musicians like Materia, Bausa and SXTN to join him while he smokes, tells stories or just raps. Marvin releases his first solo album 2017 – 20:14 – . He refrains from harsh announcements and concentrates instead on a down-to-earth presentation. His fascination for rap, he found as a boy in the US Hip-Hop culture and wants to do his own thing until today!