Young musician Jannik Brunke about fashion and his passion music!

If you talk to the 20-year-old young musician Jannik Brunke from the north about music, he describes it with full passion as his “very personal drug”. He started pursuing his hobby at the age of six and eventually turned it into his profession. We talked to him about fashion, girls and of course about his experiences as a musician.

“At the end of the day, I’m the guy from the North Sea who makes handmade music.”

Jannik…or should I rather say Justin Bieber 2.0? As a young up-and-coming musician you are called like that quite often. Does that bother you or do you think that this nickname is rather a compliment?

Moin first of all, of course I’ve heard that one or the other time. People love comparisons and I’d be lying if I haven’t done that too, but in the end I’m Jannik, the guy from the North Sea who makes handmade music.

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Not all of my readers will know you. What person is behind the soulful voice, sweet smile and tousled hair? How would your friends and family describe you?

I myself would describe myself as an open and cheerful person. I think that’s how my people see me too. I laugh a lot and am very determined and disciplined about music and put all my passion into it…sometimes I’m late for dinner or other appointments because of that.

I can imagine that you couldn’t live without music anymore. Apart from music, what could you never do without in your everyday life?

Netflix and sports. Combo I know, but I think that makes it. Chill and do nothing and once power out! Of course, my friends are also important, but with most I also make music or work creatively.

Jannik’s personal drug and relationship status

What is it like before you go on stage and then when you stand on top and look at your audience?

It’s the perfect high, the perfect drug. I love it and I can’t get enough of it. Every time you have to adjust to the people anew. So every concert is different and unique.

I’m sure your female fans will be very interested: Do you have a girlfriend?

Well, that remains secret… no ok, not at the moment. I’m on the road a lot and long in the studio so there is not the time to really get to know someone.

“Rather, you should just pay attention to the charisma and maybe support that with the right look”

Your look is rather cool and casual. To me it looks like you wear whatever you feel like wearing and don’t worry about the outfit choice the day before. Is fashion important to you?

You described it quite well! If I find something I think is cool, I wear it. Fashion itself is important to me. I would like to be much more in the theme or even wear really stylish outfits but somehow I always end up with my black jeans, skate shoes and a sweater. Maybe that’s just my look then.

Looking at you and your style I would say by first impression that you are a very chilled and laid back personality. Do you find that you can express your personality through a certain style?

I think in a way, unfortunately, yes. The exterior should not really matter. You should rather only pay attention to the charisma and maybe support it with the right look.

Everyone has certain parts that should not be missing in the wardrobe. Tell me, what are your fashion must-haves and why?

A stretch skinny jeans, ‘n hoodie with hood under which you can hide sometimes and that’s it. If possible black and white, because it reduces to the essential and does not distract from the personality.

Jannik’s no-go to the girls: “No belly in winter”.

Now it’s slowly approaching the cold season, the winter. What do you think the perfect winter look looks like? Which look do you like most for girls in winter?

I have to buy it from the person. I think it’s wrong when you dress up, that you can of course like to do times but actually I like it authentic. If the girl feels comfortable, she can wear anything. Nevertheless I like it rather modest, also with the girls. And woe betide them if they dress too cold and then always freeze. No tummy in winter.

As a musician, you probably try out different styles from time to time, or have you already found your particular style?

I would actually like to try out a lot more and dare more. Nevertheless, I think I have already found a kind of style. The style stands somehow for my music and my music expresses my personality. As a musician there are always stage outfits. I think here you can also experiment and dare something.

Half a year ago you uploaded your debut single “Nicht Ich” on Youtube. In the meantime you can already listen to the song on Spotify. Did you write it yourself and if so, what does it mean to you?

Yes, that was the first song I wrote when I moved to Berlin. You just have to listen to the song and then I think you know exactly what it’s about and what kind of situation I was in at the time. I was just better off alone. Today I might think about it differently again…

Official Video “Not Me”

School or passion? Music comes first!

You make music and study. Isn’t it hard to balance these two important things in your life? What was it like during school, were you able to produce a lot of music during that time?

When I moved to Berlin and did both at the same time, there was definitely little sleep during that time. But it was fun! But since I don’t do things by halves and I’m on the road so much now, I put my studies on hold for the time being. When I was at school I missed my homework from time to time, so I was labelled as “lazy”. However, I was building beats and making music videos all the time. I simply set other priorities.

“I was just about to start singing and all of a sudden people are singing MY song”.

You must get a lot of messages from your fans on Instagram. Of course it’s hard to reply to everyone, but do you also have direct contact with your fans from time to time?

It’s not that hard yet, at least I always try to answer. I’m definitely looking for contact with my fans and I’m also interested in the things that are going on at the moment and like to be inspired. It’s always great to meet new people. At the end of the day, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to fulfill my dreams without you.

Already as a small child you started with the music inspired by your father. Over this time you have certainly experienced some small successes. What was your first big musical success and how did you feel about it? How has your life changed since then?

The biggest success for me so far was the moment when I stood on stage and the audience could completely sing along with my song “Nicht ich”. I just wanted to start singing and suddenly people sing MY song. This also includes the own tour with meet & greets etc.

With success come not only positive changes, but also negative ones. Have you already had bad experiences in your business?

Of course, there are always phonies or false friends. But now I have the perfect team around me and the right friends at the start. I think that’s also the biggest change. After school a lot has changed and even more when I moved to Berlin. That doesn’t have to do with “wrong friends”, but simply with the fact that everyone goes their own way and you lose sight of each other. I think that’s normal…

You are still very young and I am sure that you still have a very promising career ahead of you. Tell me, where do you see yourself in 5 years and what are your plans for your professional and private future?

In 5 years, I would be only 26. I would still like to be as happy with myself as I am now. I want to make music and be able to live from it without worrying.