Julienco – Youtube Star, Bibis Friend, Pranks and Comedy

This post is about Julian Clasßen. Better known as Julienco, the man at Bibi’s side, the Youtuber in the field of comedy and pranks. You will learn exciting things from his life as a Youtuber and private things, things about his relationship with Bibi and, licorice and Ariana Grande.

Who is this Julienco anyway?

Julienco is the Youtuber Julian Pawel Clasßen. With over 3 million followers and 730 million clicks, he is one of the most popular Youtubers from Germany. He was born in Cologne on April 21, 1993, and grew up there with his parents and three siblings, whom he gradually introduces to his followers. He met his girlfriend Bibi, who is also a Youtuber, at high school and is still in a happy relationship with her today. After graduating from high school, he started a free social year and a degree in social sciences, but dropped out of both. Fortunately, he has stayed on the ball when it comes to Youtube. His followers get to see tons of pranks, lifestyle videos and challanges with Bibi. But also with videos like “EMERGENCY surgery..!!! That’s why I’m a hospital” he lets his viewers share his private life.

Julienco Top Video: I pranked Bibi

Julienco’s passion: Pranks and challenges

With some it’s food, with others it’s music and with Julienco it’s the pranks and funny challenges that we get to see. Whether a video about 600 melted chewing gums, which result in an XXL ball, videos about Bibi who has driven her car scrap or a filmed hospital stay. It’s all there and probably makes everyone laugh. Julienco also picks up many everyday situations and shows them in his videos such as: We buy BABY CLOTHING. Then a shopping tour quickly turns into a trip into Julienco’s and Bibi’s world.

Probably the funniest relationship in the world – How Julienco and Bibi make their fans laugh

“To laugh is to gloat, but with a clear conscience.” Nietzsche probably knew that there would be someone to whom the quote couldn’t apply better than Julienco and Bibi. Sometimes Bibi gets rainbow slime poured over her head, sometimes Julienco gets completely gilded, or they just test out how many times they can prank the other. As bad as the pranks are sometimes and it would be understandable if one of them would freak out..No, they both take it with humor, probably the best they can do since pranks are everyday life.

OMG, how cute! Julienco tests candy with his little nephew

Questions about Julienco – did you know?!

You can often find questions about Julienco on the net. How tall is he ? What kind of music does he listen to? How old is he and how much does he actually earn? Of course, all interesting questions that are answered in the following:

How old is Julienco?

Julienco was born on April 21, 1993, so he is currently 25 years young.

Does Julienco have a girlfriend?

Yes! Even one of the most famous girlfriends you can have: BibisBeautyPalace!

How did he become famous?

Through his girlfriend Bibi he made his first experiences as a Youtuber on her Youtube channel BibisBeautyPalace. So Bibi was a little help that led to success.

Facts about Julienco: school, Ariana Grande and liquorice

  1. He met Bibi in 5th grade, but didn’t get together with her until 5 years later and has now been by her side for 7 years.
  2. Goswin Maria – that’s what his mother wanted to call him.
  3. Julian is allergic to animal hair and feathers.
  4. Who knew Julienco was a huge fan of Justin Bieber?
  5. He thinks Ariana Grande is the prettiest singer.
  6. His sister’s name is the same as his girlfriend: Bianca.
  7. Due to animal hair allergies, Julian has eight leopard geckos.
  8. His parents are teachers.
  9. Licorice is his favorite.
  10. Julian is stubborn. In an argument with Bibi, she is the one who has to apologize first.

What girls want to know about guys – Julienco lays the facts on the table

These were some facts about Julienco. Finally, Julienco has a list of things every girl wants to know about boys!

Youtuber like Julienco: Comedy and Pranks

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