Sami Slimani – Youtuber for nine years

Sami Slimani has been a successful YouTuber for nine years. He was one of the first to make videos to give advice and recommendations. It has been imitated by many users and now there are countless YouTuber, but Sami is something very special. Because it also convinces through its personality and its life experience. Sami: A lust influencer.

Birthday, Origin and Sisters Sami

Sami Slimani was born on 20 March 1990 in Esslingen am Neckar. Together with his two older sisters Lamiya and Dounias he grew up in Stuttgart with his Tunisian father and his French mother. The three brothers and sisters still have a beloved half-sister, but she wants to lead her life privately and not appear in public.

Luxur apartment in Berlin

A dream apartment in the heart of the German capital Berlin. In the following video Sami introduces his new home to his viewers. Sami will also give you little advice on how to beautify your kingdom.

From student to Youtube Star: Subscriptions 1.6 million Euro

The 28-year-old is an old hand in the world of YouTube. During his graduation he started to produce his first videos, as Mr. He focused on fashion, lifestyle and cosmetics. He has worked with renowned product distributors and shot test videos about their products. This encourages viewers to buy. Samisch now has 1.6 million subscriptions.

Moderator Sami writes a book

In addition to his career on YouTube, Sami has been working for the German music channel VIVA since May 2014, where he hosts the chart show VIVA Top 100. In the same year he published together with the sisters the book The Slimani Principle. It is available in paperback for 14,95 €. The trio also sells its own products from the Maison Slimani line. In their book the brothers describe everything that interests and concerns them. From styling tips to recipe ideas. The trio has a lot to say to their fans.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Fashion collection

YouTuber Sami launched its first fashion collection for the Review brand in 2016 in collaboration with Peek & Cloppenburg. This was not his only little hit in 2016, because he also had a dubbing role for the animated film Kong Fu Panda 3.

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

Sami has many fans not only on YouTube, but also on other social networks. More precisely, there are 1.4 million on Instagram, 899 thousand on Twitter and nearly 700 thousand on Facebook. Sami reaches his fans every day with new e-mails and videos, which makes his fan community grow more and more.

Car – luxury on four tyres

As a very successful influencer, YouTuber, moderator, author and dubbing artist for many years, Sami Slimani could earn well according to rumours. No wonder his viewers are interested in his luxury car.

This is the Sami luxury car.

The first publishers were looking for Sami’s car. Here you can find out which Sami car drives and how expensive it was:

Trio Slimani

Have you never had enough of Sami Slimani? Then he checks the YouTube and Instagram reports of his older sisters Lamiya and Dounias. They often publish shared videos and photos. The trio shares many similarities, but Lamiya and Dounais will probably enchant you with their own way.