Dounia – Mom, Youtuber, Make-up Artist and influencer

Dounia Slimani, a power woman. Since 2011 she has been one of the best German influencers. With her personality, the 33-year-old creates a great platform for everyone. No matter if mummy everyday life or beauty tutorials, her positive charisma is always appreciated by her followers. As a full-time mother and blogger, she is also a make-up artist at various fashion weeks around the world.  Our editors have conducted an exclusive interview with her where she talks about her love, family and job.

Dounia: I’m a workaholic

FIV: Very inspiring: You are a young mama, make-up artist, influencer and YouTuberine. How do you manage to get all these components under one hat? Despite your busy schedule and the many journeys, you always come across very sympathetic and relaxed. What are your tips for relaxation?

Dounia: My tips for relaxation: I’m a workaholic I have to give honestly because I love my job so much. The best way for me to relax is when I go for a workout or take a nice bath and do a beauty treatment. As a mom, you hardly have time left for it, so I have to consciously clear my time. Painting nails, applying a mask, watching a video are highlights for me. If my parents or my husband have time, then I also treat myself to a massage or a hydrafacial from time to time. It’s very important for me to have me-time. This is my personal relaxation oasis.

FIV: In the last few months you’ve been travelling all over the world with the Maybelline Trendsquad to track down beauty trends. Which journey has influenced and interested you the most?

Dounia: I was most inspired by the Bahamas journey with Maybelline together. I will never forget to watch the sunset and this beautiful blue of the water. Bahamas and Tokyo were also my places of inspiration for my two looks.

FIV: You made up your sister at the Maybelline show. To what extent was this an emotional moment for you and what made it so special?

Dounia: At the Maybelline Show I made up my sister Lamiya Slimani. For me it was a mega emotional moment, because I always wanted to make up on a fashion show. It was on my bucket list. The additional fact that my sister, who is curvy and a full-wife, was also allowed to run across the catwalk as a model, was doubly emotional for me. On the one hand, to show that we celebrate the body of a woman with all its facets. And on the other hand, because I was allowed to make up my own sister for such an event. It all felt so surreal.

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Happy Birthday @mikaelslimani Vor genau einem Jahr wurde uns vom lieben Gott das größte Geschenk dieser Welt gemacht -nämlich du mein Schatz. Es ist ein Jahr voller Glück, schlaflosen Nächten, Kraft, Sorgen, Freude und unendlicher Liebe gewesen. Wir sind als Eltern gewachsen und sind so stolz, dass wir dir jeden Tag dabei zuschauen können, wie du mit deinen unschuldigen Augen die Welt entdeckst. Ich wünsche mir, dass du nie verlernst zu träumen, zu glauben, zu lachen, neugierig zu sein, unvoreingenommen bist und immer die Welt mit deinem Herzen siehst. Ich liebe dich so sehr mein Schatz, dass ich dich manchmal einfach nur beim Schlafen beobachte und weinen muss. Als du geboren wurdest, habe ich ein Teil meines Herzens für immer dir gegeben. Für alle Zeit. Ich liebe dich ❤️ Nhebek Mikael ❤️

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Time out from everyday stress?

FIV: Besides your sister Dounia, you also grew up with your brother Sami. Both are also in the limelight and very successful on social media and YouTube. Is it sometimes difficult for you to distinguish professionally and privately?

Dounia: For us it was no problem from the beginning to separate professionally and privately. We always treat ourselves to breaks as a family, not only between the years or at Christmas. Since the three of us are so different and complement each other so well, working together is a wonderful and successful experience. Everyone has their strengths and can contribute them. In addition, all three of us are creative and we have now opened our own office in Berlin.

FIV: You three have a very intimate relationship and are very close to each other. Do you wish for your son Mikael also siblings with such a firm connection?

Dounia: I would so much like my children to get along with their siblings as well as me, Lamiya and Sami do. My brothers and sisters are a blessing and the most beautiful gift my parents could have given me.

Youtube has changed

FIV: In mid-June you will celebrate your 6th YouTube anniversary. Happy birthday! How has YouTube and the social media changed over this period?

Dounia: Youtube has changed a lot as a platform. It’s become more diverse. Youtube and social media are suddenly a household name for many. Almost everyone I know at least has Instagram. People network faster and you’re not looked at crooked anymore because you’re dealing with social media. Many professions and areas have also developed that did not exist before: social media managers, influencer marketing…. We ourselves have thus created a profession for ourselves, which to this day cannot be titled with a single term. We are influencers, consultants, entrepreneurs, authors, brand ambassadors and people. My job has a new challenge every day. We work worldwide, internationally and together as a family. At that time I studied economics (controlling, international management, business informatics) and thought I would pursue a classical profession. Years later I found my dream job, which has hardly anything to do with my studies anymore.

FIV: Do you like the “old” or the “new” social media world better? Which one would you choose if you had to?

Dounia: I like the old, new and future social media world. I am curious which new platform will be in, which trends there will be and what we will all do in 5 years already. I find the whole thing so exciting.

Thank you Dounia for the interesting interview!

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