Emmy Makeup Pro from Paris: Tips and tricks for make-up and beauty – Exclusive interview

Emmy Makeup Pro is a beauty columnist, professional make-up artist and influencer from Paris. On her Youtube channel and social networks, she shares the latest make-up tedances, tips and tricks for beauty. In September, Emmy released her first book: “Not like the others” to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her Youtube channel in which she recounts her life story, thanks her warriors (her community) and conveys her message: “You have to keep smiling no matter what and fight to make your dreams come true.” FIV Magazine is pleased to share with you an exclusive interview with this talented influencer and professional makeup artist from Paris.

French influencer Makeup & Beauty of Paris

FIV: Hi Emmy! How are you? You are now one of the most influential Makeup and Beauty youtube girls with more than 1 million followers. Your passion and determination have made you a successful beauty columnist and professional makeup artist. What made you want to get into social networks and what was your biggest success on Youtube?
Emmy: When I was in make-up school almost 10 years ago, August 2019, I asked my teacher where she got her inspiration. She explained to me that she was watching makeup videos on the Internet. When I came back to my home I looked and I didn’t find it. We didn’t have the Internet on the phone in 2007, lol! The next day she explained to me that there was no such thing in France and that I had to type makeup. That’s how I came up with the idea of making make-up videos but in French. I think my biggest success is Horror Week. An event I created 8 years ago during Halloween when I release a special effects video every day for a week before October 31st. My most viewed video is that of a flat eye with almost 8,000,000 views. Impressive!
FIV: You must be very busy between your youtube channel, your instagram account, your many beauty events and your professional projects. What does one of your days look like?
Emmy: It’s difficult to describe a typical day because there are none. Every day is new and that’s what I like. Let’s say: I get up in the morning, I look at my insta (my favorite network), I check my emails, I get up, I get ready and then I answer the emails. I make phone calls, I receive my parcels… once a week I film.
FIV: As influencer, you often have the opportunity to work with companies. What is essential for you when you agree to cooperate with a brand?
Emmy: That the product conforms to the description and especially that it is in adequacy with my values and those of my community.

New make-up brands in Paris

FIV: Thanks to your profession as a beauty columnist and professional make-up artist, cosmetics brands no longer hold any secrets for you. What are the new make-up and beauty brands “in vogue” in Paris and that you would like to recommend to us?

Emmy: TarteCosmectics is very recent but I have known this brand for a long time. It is an innovative, qualitative and reasonably priced brand. I love their product which has an impressive look and feel. The second brand is HudaBeauty. She arrived in France two or three years ago and it is a brand that I particularly like because it is constantly innovating.

Tips and tricks for a Natural Glowy Makeup Look

FIV: What are your beauty tips and tricks for a Natural Glowy Makeup Look ?


Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

  • Face care: mask at least once a week with a scrub
  • Green farsalli base that gives light and a smooth appearance to the skin incomparable
  • Amazonian Foundation Pie that is exceptional : Glow Hold Rendering
  • and the highlighter palette of HudaBeauty

Hydration, lipstick and fashion look for the Fall/Winter season

FIV: As a beauty professional, what is your secret to moisturizing and caring for your skin?
Emmy: Apply a good face cream morning and evening and especially cleanse your skin well. Avoid cleansing milk I find it clogs pores. I prefer micellar water but it’s a matter of taste. In the evening apply a serum. I really like Khiel’s Midnight Recovery. Its effectiveness on the skin is immediately apparent: suppleness, tone and light.
FIV: What is your Top 5 Flash and long-lasting lipstick?
Emmy: I don’t apply flash lipstick, I prefer more sober colours. I love HudaBeauty and KatVonD
FIV: On your social networks, you don’t hesitate to combine beauty and fashion, which are ultimately very linked. If you had to describe your fall/winter 2019/2020 look to us, what would it look like?
Emmy: Good question. Boots, large wool sweater, small hat in the colour of the boots and handbag.

“Makeup Don’ts”

FIV: What are for you the “makeup don’ts”?
Emmy: I think that in terms of make-up it is difficult to judge because the tastes and colours are unique to everyone. Let’s say we should avoid:
  • the orange complexion
  • orange arched eyebrows
  • much darker yeast contour
  • l’anti-circle white marked