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Exclusive interview with the talented Julia Sidi Atman – Influencer, business women, model and artist

Julia Sidi Atman is an inspiring young business woman, influencer, model and artist. At the age of just 24, Julia has just released her very first Remedy perfume which she imagined in Paris and designed on the French Riviera with the help of perfume experts. After her Miss France adventure and her incredible journey on the Beijing Express, Julia is today a fighter who makes her dreams come true! This is the message she regularly shares on her Instagram account: “The best moment is when you fight to make your dream come true”.

FIV Magazine is pleased to present you its exclusive interview with Julia Sidi Atman on her career path, her first Remède fragrance, her 5 tips to become a real Business woman and her autumn-winter 2020-2021 fashion trends.

Julia Sidi Atman – Entrepreneur, model and influencer

FIV: Hello Julia! How are you doing? Can you tell us about your world and your career path?

Julia: I’m fine thank you I hope you are too!

Today I am an entrepreneur, model and influencer. I participated in the Miss France election 3 years ago as Miss French Riviera and I arrived in the semi-finals of the Beijing Express adventure last year.

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Remède – Julia Sidi Atman’s first unisex perfume

FIV: On October 24th, you launched your very first Remedy fragrance. Congratulations on this great project! How did you get the urge to embark on this entrepreneurial adventure? Can you tell us about Remède and your future projects?

Julia: I’ve always dreamed of creating my own perfume. But it was an unattainable dream for several years until I decided to take it seriously. I created “Remède” after a love break-up, I had to focus on something other than my heartache. Remedy is aptly named because it was and still is mine. I try to share its energy and power with as many people as possible.

As for my future projects, I am working on the new fragrance campaign, something more personal that will be released in January 2021.

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5 tips on how to become a Business woman

FIV: What are your 5 tips for becoming a business woman?

Julia :

  1. My first piece of advice is to choose your surroundings carefully. For the creation of Remède, I have surrounded myself only with kind and creative people.
  2. My second piece of advice is to be passionate about your project, the goal is for you to be happy to get up in the morning and soothed before going to bed at night.
  3. The third piece of advice is to stay positive as much as possible. Every problem has a solution even when you think you have reached the end, I swear you can still try and find something better. Never really give up.
  4. The fourth council, remains curious about everything, all the time. Take an interest, get informed, meet people who are in the environment you are in, know that you always have new things to learn and discover. To improve what you already have.
  5. And the last piece of advice, the fifth one which is the most important for me, be creative. You have to have imagination, take what there is to take from everything, take inspiration from everything, from your surroundings, from your environment. Even use evil to transform it into something positive. Use your imagination and your child’s soul.

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Artistic inspirations with Julia Sidi Atman

FIV: Julia, in addition to being a business woman, you are a real artist! Where does this passion for painting come from? Which artist inspires you the most?

Julia: Before participating in Miss France, I was in art school. I’ve always been passionate about it. My favourite artist is Henri Matisse and not only because he lived on the French Riviera, I love his colourful universe. Painting soothes me, when I’m stressed or when I feel like I’m everywhere at once, it allows me to concentrate and be in my bubble.

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Fashion trends Autumn-Winter 2020-2021

FIV: What are your MUST-HAVE Fashion for this Autumn-Winter 2020 season?

Julia: For this season, my must-have is a warm hoodie and why break it up with a blazer jacket to give it a more assertive style.

FIV: What did the Miss France adventure bring you?

Julia: The Miss France adventure changed my life so I would never say anything bad about it. It made me realise that I had the abilities and that anything is possible even if being judged on my looks was new to me. But it’s forging. I still preferred my Beijing express adventure which was more authentic.

FIV: Can you share with us your sports routine to keep in shape and have a model figure?

Julia: To be totally honest with you, I don’t do any sport, I would have to start haha!

Thank you FIV Magazine for your questions!

I made my dream come true by creating remedy and hope it inspires you to do the same ✨Take care of yourself.

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