Hayley_bui x FIV Interview – About long-distance relationships, plastic surgery and make-up

Hayley_bui celebrates international success with her beauty looks on Instagram. Whether it’s a simply beautifully made-up look or a completely crazy transformation into a man – there doesn’t seem to be anything Hayley can’t make up. What many do not know, however, is that the German influencer can do more than just put on make-up. FIV had the chance to do an exclusive interview with her, which we don’t want to withhold from you!

Hayley_bui x FIV Interview

FIV: Hey Hayley, happy engagement! You’ve been with your fiancé since 2016, which isn’t unusual in itself, but you two have a long-distance relationship between America and Germany. What is it like to live so far away from your partner?

Hayley: Thank you very much! Exactly we have been together since 2016 and have never met before at getroffen. I think that’s why it was easier for us to have a long-distance relationship, we just didn’t know it any different. It was very difficult for me in the beginning because I was built very close to the water but we quickly got used to seeing each other only every few months. The longest time we didn’t see each other was 9 months because he is in the army and he wasn’t allowed to have any visitors during his training. I told myself then if we did that schaffen, schaffen we everything! When you’re busy and distracted, time flies faster anyway and the reunion is all the nicer.

FIV: You two got to know each other through Instagram. In this day and age of Tinder and Co. it’s nothing unusual to meet someone you’ve only known by writing. But very few travel halfway around the world and are ultimately engaged to that person. Now that you’re engaged, is there a move coming up soon? And if so, where to?

Hayley: Such a long-distance relationship is not something for everyone, so it was a proof of love for me when he flew to Berlin for the first time to see me. As already mentioned Eric is in the Army, that means he will travel a lot and change his place of residence every 2 or 3 years. Since then it is planned only that we will move together after the wedding next year, where nobody knows yet 😉

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As a german woman celebrating huge successes in the USA

FIV: Many of our readers certainly don’t know you yet, which is because you are better known in America. For readers who don’t know you yet, how would you describe yourself and your content?

Hayley: I don’t really have a scheme and I kind of do everything. I mainly do beauty, which means I post make-up looks and shoot make-up tutorials on Instagram and Youtube as well as fashion and lifestyle. I like diversity and just post what I feel like posting.

FIV: As already mentioned you are rather known in America. The reason for this is probably that all your videos are in English. Why is it that you only speak english in your videos?

Hayley: When I started Instagram, I thought English would reach a lot more people, almost everyone in the world understands English, and since I have a lot of international viewers, I stayed with it. Today only very few people know that I also speak German and are always surprised when I speak German.

FIV: On Youtube you are only known since 2017, but on Instagram you have a long reach. Did you think you’d get as far as when you uploaded your first picture?

Hayley: No way! I didn’t even post pictures on Instagram at first. It was more of a platform where I could track stars. My girlfriend forced me to post something because she moved and missed me. My first picture is still on my page 😉

FIV: It’s not unusual for influencers to have a school-leaving certificate, but you even have a degree in business administration and have once said in a video that you would like to do your master’s in the same field. Is that still current? And if so, how do you reconcile that with your life as an influencer?

Hayley: I started Instagram when I was already in my 3rd semester. It was more of a hobby than a job. I never thought I could turn my hobby into a job back then. I applied for a Master’s degree last year and was about to move to Kassel, I already had an apartment. However, I noticed that I only wanted to do this for the sake of my parents. I then blew it all off and followed my instincts. I’ve been a full-time influencer ever since.

A role model for young people despite operations?

FIV: Many people accuse you of not being natural because you had surgery and because you allegedly injected your lips. In a video you show quite frankly that you have had your eyelids operated. But just for that, many accuse you of not being a good role model for your followers. What do you say to all these accusations and how do you deal with the “Hate” around your person?

Hayley: I get to hear Hate and reproaches every day, that’s part of being in public. In the beginning I always had the urge to defend myself but today I just laugh about it. I am always honest and open about beauty procedures, so I posted a video about my eyelids. Nowadays many people think about changing something about themselves and I am happy when I can share my experiences and thus take away the fear of many. I prefer to give advice and tips, and I am honest instead of being a hypocritical role model.

FIV: Just by your very full lips and the little snub nose the critical voices become louder, which say that you are actually a Latina and would lie about your origin accordingly. To clean up the rumors once and for all: What ethnicity do you have?

Hayley: I hear that every day and the rumors are getting more and more creative. I’ll take it as a compliment, though, because I look different. However, I do not know why many think I would lie about my origin. My mother as well as my father are both Vietnamese living in Germany. With my mother I already shot a video in Vietnamese.

FIV: You are especially known for your good make-up skills. Anyone who makes up knows that it can be frustrating every now and then when the look doesn’t look the way it was supposed to. What do you advise people to do to get great looks like yours?

Hayley: EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE Above all, you can’t give up. Only last week I was frustrated myself because my make-up didn’t sit as planned. But I won’t let that get me down, nobody should!

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