Celebrity Big Brother Germany 2018: Ex Curvy Supermodel Chethrin Schulze

On 17.08.2018 the new season Promi Big Brother starts on Sat1! With already exciting residents and candidates like Sophia Vegas (30) but also DSDS singer Alphonso Williams (56), both famous for glitter, bling bling and’over the top’. Besides Youtuberin Katja Krasavice (21) and Selfmade millionaire Heinz von Sayn-Wittgenstein (64) there is now a very special Trash TV star: Chethrin Schulze.

Chethrin Schulze, Sophia Vegas – Big Brother is going crazy

Some still know Chethrin Schulze from Curvy Supermodel (here you can find all information about Curvy Supermodel 2018 by Angelina Kirsch). The current season with curvy model Mama Angelina Kirsch is currently running, would she be proud of Chethrin? Definitely! Ex participant Chethrin, who is known not only from TV modelcasting, but also from other TV formats such as “Love Island” or various “BH Sport Tests” on the same channel, Sat1 breakfast television. So Chethrin has always been looking for the big stage. She now has over 100,000 followers on Instagram and can certainly call herself an influencer. In a few days the buxom blonde will move into the Celebrity Big Brother House 2018 with all candidates and residents.

That’s Chethrin Schulze! Influencer, single and now 20 kg lighter

Since her appearance at Curvy Supermodel two years ago, Maria has already lost 20 kg, you can tell. The smart blonde now weighs only 65 kg and appears even more frequently in a bikini. I wonder what that’ll mean for the Big Brother house. Chethrin naked in the shower? In the interview, she said no. At least she says you won’t see her naked in the shower – wait!

Maria is single and has no boyfriend

Mariya rejects men so far so that she can fully concentrate on herself. Mr. Right just hasn’t been around for the last few months. Although Chethrin, as she said in an interview with Philipp Hageni on Sat1 breakfast television, gets many dating offers from Bundesliga footballers via Instagram. Also from footballers of the German national team! She wouldn’t mention names. Why? What these guys want from her, certainly not a relationship.

Maria on Instagram

On Instagram Maria now has 127,000 followers and that means a lot. More than 100,000 fans are interested in her life, her look and news from me. If you want to see them on Instagram yourself, you can find their account here:

Cliché blonde or smart VIP star?

To find out if Maria is perhaps only one of these typical It girls, she was taken directly to the construction site shortly before the interview. Does she manage to shovel a wheelbarrow full of earth, directly from the construction site and spontaneously? Maria doesn’t hesitate for a second, nobody would have expected that. In fact, Maria is not only likeable but also very uncomplicated, a few weeks ago she helped her father to build a house. A real tree girl – strong!
Celebrity Big Brother 2018: This is how the current relay

Celebrity Big Brother has been running successfully on Sat 1 for many years now: interesting characters, C celebrities, VIPs from 1980, new stars from television and social media, so with Celebrity Big Brother you make an interesting TV show that over 1 million people want to see every year. Also this year there are interesting characters, e.g. the Swiss star psychic Mike Shiva. But also the moderation has changed a little.

Celebrity Big Brother Moderators

This year’s moderator will be Jürgen Schropp, who has been moderating the event for many years, and Queen Marlene Lufen breakfast television. If you want to see them live together, you can watch them every morning on breakfast television, because the Power Duo is already playing on Sat1 every morning from 6am to 10am.
Marlene Lufen: Breakfast television Queen

Our absolute favourite moderator Marlene Lufen takes over this year the Co-moderation with celebrity Big Brother, beside long-term moderator Jrgen Schropp. Marlene Lufen is not only known from breakfast television but also from many other TV formats. Here you can find more of Marlene Lufen on Instagram.

Jürgen Schropp: A must have for #PBB

As every year, presenter Jürgen Schropp takes over the likeable side. As described, he is already hot on Sat1 breakfast television in order to be fit to move into the Big Brother House!

Desiree Nick – back on?

Is Desiree Nick backstage reporter again? Desiree Nick has been an icon of B celebrities for years. Whether it was in the jungle camp or at Celebrity Big Brother’s, Desiree Nick is sure to provide great entertainment.

The other celebrity Big Brother candidates 2018

Like every year, Celebrity Big Brother is about bringing together more or less well-known celebrities. This year’s season will once again feature a number of candidates who will certainly provide explosives.

Many still remember grandiose appearances, e.g. by Desiree Nick but also by pop singer Hubertus, who now attracts attention with black fingernails and a certain penchant for eccentricity. In this year’s season there are some very interesting candidates besides Chethrin. Among others the Swiss star psychic Mike Shiva. His esoteric manner and the statement that he is absolutely not a WG human being, provide already once for tension. For the ladies there is also something for the eye, Johannes Haller, known from German dating shows!

Here are some more portraits:

Mike Shiva

Word is the star clairvoyant in Switzerland and looks after many people on television almost every day. Although clairvoyance is nonsense of course, safety margin is the candidate! Let’s see if he can predict his own future!

Sophia Vegas

Yippie, yippie, yeah!

Here is another musical highlight, Sophia Vegas ft. Snoop Dogg.

Heinz von Sayn-Wittgenstein

May it be a bit of nobility? The self-made millionaire. More about Heinz from Sayn-Wittgenstein to Instagram.

Katja Krasavice

Thick lips? That’s actually their current song. See more: Katja Krasavice Youtube.

Big Brother, the TV format

Big Brother started over 15 years ago. The TV concept originally came from the Netherlands and initially only intended to put private individuals in a house. 10 people who live together for a certain period of time, in public, with cameras on every corner. The first season was an absolute success and something completely new on German television. Today Big Brother has evolved and is mainly looking for C celebrities, VIPs of the past but also current, upcoming TV or social media stars. Through a mix of interesting characters, as one knows it from all other TV shows, interesting situations are created daily: Be it the naked shower or the argument.

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