RTL2 show “Curvy Supermodel” with Angelina Kirsch & Harald Glööckler

Yesterday was the big German premiere for the new TV show Curvy Supermodel on RTL2. In the jury are model Angelina Kirsch, multi-talent Motsi Mabuse, model agent Ted Linow and star designer Harald Glööckler. They dare the TV experiment and look for the first time on German television the most beautiful plus size models! They want to change the usual image and make curvy models a matter of course. They want to put models and women in the foreground who are otherwise rarely represented in the media. Review – How was the first show? How “Curvy” was it in the end? And was Harald Glööckler as charming as ever?

Curvy supermodel

Actually, Curvy Supermodel was supposed to fight prejudice. And then? Right at the beginning of the show, RTL2 aired this few thoughtful sentences from one of the contestant moms: “Finally, you don’t see these super-slim skeletons.” Aha! Prejudice or not: Five episodes are planned for the new show on RTL2. Ten candidates were now allowed to move into the model villa after the first show. We all know the big catwalk from the successful format Germanys Next Topmodel by Heidi Klum. Just a few weeks ago, we were backstage in Palma de Mallorca for the finale. Only a little later, the new format for curvy models is coming. I want to take a look back with you at yesterday’s TV evening with Angelina Kirsch (read our interview with model Angelina Kirsch here), Motsi Mabuse, Ted Linow and Harald Glööckler.

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The next episodes always come Wednesdays 20.15 clock on RTL2. Next week 12.10.2016, then on 19.10., 26.10. and the finale on 02.11.2016.

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First of all: In the TV format it doesn’t come across that way, but a 38/40 is the normal size of an average German woman. Almost 40% of women wear a 42, which is actually a normal size, neither curvy nor plus-size! In the media, however, these models are only slowly finding a presence. There have already been several covers of fashion magazines with plussize models like Tess henstra and Marquita Pring. Now there is the first TV show – but how Curvy was it now?

Curvy Supermodel: Less Curvy than Thought

Many have expected that Curvy Supermodel presents many women beyond the clothing 40/42. Pustekuchen! No model with clothing size 44 has made it into the villa. In general, the selection of models who were finally allowed to move into the villa was by far not as curvy as initially thought. One of the candidates, Polina, was even discussed in principle in the jury, whether she can count as a curvy model at all with 179cm and a clothing size of 38/40! But yes, Polina also moves with her 38/40 into the model villa.

Aurelie, Fabienne, Feenja – Our favourites on Curvy Supermodel

Who has the look to win Curvy Supermodel? We think that Aurelie, Fabienne and Feenja have the best chances to win Curvy Supermodel. Although especially the 17-year-old Aurelie could become a challenge for every model manager. Even in the first episode, the comments were not very thoughtful, at one point she says in a bikini, for example, “I’m so excited I could piss my pants.” Of course, as a model, you always have to watch what you say so as not to scare off any potential clients. Despite the somewhat churlish nature, we still took her to our hearts.

The Curvy Supermodel jury

Harald Glööckler back as a TV judge with our favorite question!

Harald Glööckler, as anyone who knows his fashion label Pompöös knows, thinks all women are “princesses”. He enters with the idea to show the models “how to make a brand out of themselves”. Glööckler is also really sweet during the TV show! Glööckler he siezt all the candidates from the beginning. In the middle of the show came our favorite question, “How long have you been curvy?”, sweetly asked, sweetly meant. We love it! After we watched the last show of the star designer “der zertanzte Schuh” a few weeks ago at the Berlin Fashion Week, we are fans. Also here in the TV show Harald Glööckler is a real crowd puller. Glööckler is accommodating, nice and cares about the contestants. Similar to our Angelina Kirsch, who we also already had in the interview!

Angelina Kirsch as Curvy Model Juror

Angelina Kirsch has long since made it to the successful model. The goal that the contestants dream of. She is the most successful Curvy Model in Germany! That is why she is now a member of the Curvy Supermodel jury, along with three other jurors. She also brings a lot of know-how and experience as a coach, trainer and mentor. Angelina Kirsch herself can be seen in many advertising campaigns worldwide, flying halfway around the world for shoots, from Milan to Stockholm.

Angelina Kirsch would like to give the up-and-coming models the following message: “Stand up for yourself and your curves! You don’t have to hide, because beauty has no clothing size. The perfect candidate has great curves, a strong will and the absolute ‘wow factor’.”

Read our interview with Curvy Models judge Angelina Kirschhere.

Motsi Mabuse as a dancer and choreographer

Of course, curvy models also have to have absolute body control for long photo shoots and strenuous video shoots. That’s why professional dancer, choreographer, presenter and actress Motsi Mabuse is also part of the party. As an absolute multi-talent, she will work with the models on their body awareness, posture and gait. This will help all of them to present themselves perfectly at model castings, photo shoots or filming to achieve the best result for the client.

Ted Linow of Mega Model Agency

Who is Ted Linow, anyway? Ted is the man behind the scenes. Instead of explaining a lot, a few names will suffice: Model agent Ted Linow has managed top models like Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova, Tatjana Patitz and Toni Garrn. He has organized and choreographed fashion shows for Pierre Balmain, Wolfgang Joop and Karl Lagerfeld. Ted can show models what it’s like to be a successful model! Especially with one of our favorite contestants Aurelie, Ted could work wonders! The winner of Curvy Supermodel will then also win a contract at his agency Mega Model Agency.

Press commentary on Curvy Supermodel on RTL2

“Aggressive self-confidence” – Spiegel.de

A colleague from Der Spiegel commented this morning, “It’s a shame and stupid that ‘Curvy Supermodel’, the seemingly so open, unprejudiced, women-friendly show, lets its protagonists first grill and etch against thinner colleagues, as if body-shaming only affected fat women, as if one body shape was better than the other. ‘Finally, you don’t see these super-slim skeletons,’ jubilates a contestant mother.” – Source spiegel.de

“Watching half-naked women do silly things” – Web.co.uk says:

“Harald Glööckler steps up to celebrate the female body and its natural curves with his search for the ‘Curvy Supermodel’. But despite all the lip service, this show is simply another opportunity to unabashedly watch half-naked women do silly things and then rate them.” – Source web.com

“Curvy supermodel follows the laws of the meat market” – writes the Sueddeutsche

“From the viewer’s point of view, the new RTL 2 casting show Curvy Supermodel is a self-awareness trip. The topic: ‘How much television has dulled me.’ […] The makers of the model casting variant have done a great job in terms of market applicant and target group research.” – Source sueddeutsche.de

All information about the show Curvy Models on RTL2:

  • Transmitter dates in November

TV trailer for Curvy Supermodel with Angelina Kirsch