Harald Glööckler fashion show “The Danced Shoes” – Pompöös at Berlin Fashion Week

100%On the day before the first shows, Glööckler presented his exclusive fashion production of the fairy tale “The Danced Out Shoes” live at Berlin’s Hotel de Rome. “Pompous” as ever, for red carpets and galas. Besides great models (among others from newcomer agency CM Models), the new collection was also presented by many TV celebrities like Giulia Siegel (41) and Dagmar Frederic (71).


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Backstage - Harald Glööckler Berlin (Pompöös) Models

Harald Glööckler presents POMPÖÖS with TV celebrities

We were already on the road all day and have successfully completed the first planning in Berlin. Now we have finally arrived. In Berlin, the sun has been shining for five days, about 30°C in the shade, yet many of the invited visitors come in long evening dresses, the gentlemen wear fine suits, some also very much rhinestones. In between, the one or other drag queen. The first visitors and celebrities gather in front of the Hotel de Rome. While in the ballroom the preparations for the fashion show are already underway. In front of the hotel also the first bloggers and fashion victims arrive. Then the first black limousines drive up and immediately the first small flurry of flashbulbs begins. Harald Glööckler shows exclusivity right at the beginning of the show.

Only a few minutes left! The coolness in the hotel can hardly wait, it’s about to start, Glööckler’s exclusive fashion production of the fairy tale “The Danced Shoes”.

Where is the camera? Models and celebrities in Berlin – It’s all about fashion

Harald Glööckler is of course known for the fact that he does not necessarily rely only on standard. That’s why his show will not only feature top-class models, but also numerous celebrities. In addition to Barbara Engel (former name Barbara Herzsprung) also Giulia Siegel, who has been a presence in the media as daughter and DJ for a long time. She too, in a long evening gown, playful from the first moment to the exit. She loves the stage, for the photographers an absolute gain! The audience also included a few bigger names from the media and TV industry, such as TV judge Rolf Scheider (60) and also Anouschka Renzi (51) with her daughter Chiara Moon Horst (18). In addition to various exclusive guests, many buyers of the major chains will be there to experience the fashion highlight at the beginning of Berlin Fashion Week 2016 live.

The star designer has not only become one of the most dazzling figures in the fashion industry through his fashion label “POMPÖÖS”. Today, the fashion czar, who is also known from various TV and media formats.

Harald Glööckler – fashion designer, entrepreneur and husband

Harald Glööckler (bürglerlich Glöckler) is a German fashion designer and fashion entrepreneur. As one of the most dazzling personalities in the fashion industry, Harald Glööckler shows especially through his rhinestone and glittering collections and creations, how women can dress ‘pomöös’. His mother died early, at the age of 14 in a fall down the stairs. Today, the fashion designer inspires women to be confident and self-assured. Glööckler himself has been living remotely in Kirchheim an der Weinstraße with his friend (life and business partner) Dieter Schroth since 2015. In 2015, the two got married. Already in 1987, the two opened their first fashion store, at that time “Jeans Garden” in Stuttgart. Shortly after, they changed the name to “POMPÖÖS”, and in 1990, they created their fashion label.

Fashion show – Harald Glöckler presents POMPÖÖS at the Hotel de Rome in Berlin

Backstage - Harald Glööckler Berlin (Pompöös) Models