GNTM 2020 – All episodes, highlights, candidates and the first castings!

GNTM 2020 All episodes – What girl has never dreamed of becoming a top model? This year the big casting takes place in the open air, in the beautiful city of Munich. The German casting show, in which numerous participants compete for the title of “Germany’s next Topmodel”, is hosted by Topmodel Heidi Klum. The aim is to find the most beautiful girl from all over Germany or partly Austria and Switzerland. Only the best of the best will get a real shoot with designers or magazines by competing against each other in tasks also called “challenges”. The shootings are different, from nude shootings on the beach to shootings with animals. Factors like type change, fitness, English skills play a big role. Commitment, success and development are the decision criteria, and at the end of each episode the jury decides who goes home and who goes on to the next round.

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Follow-up 3: Bare skin, horses and tears

For some candidates the shooting in on the beach will be a special challenge. The star photographer Vicky Lawton is visiting. It is getting hot, not only because it is over 30 degrees in Costa Rica, but also because the models are having themselves photographed by Vicky Lawton. As an award-winning photographer and creative director, she has gained international experience in fashion and beauty. The star photographer has already photographed for campaigns for Rolls Royce, Coco de Mer or French Connection. She also worked with de star photographer Rankin, who shot the candidates in the previous episode. For the photo shoot the models go to the beach. The big challenge is, you don’t wear clothes. “I’ve done exactly this photo shoot before myself,” says Heidi Klum. “I want the girls to feel comfortable, and I want them to radiate that.” As shooting partners, the contestants get majestic horses at their side. For candidate Nadine, the shoot is a real challenge. “I just don’t like horses. I can’t stand them and I’m just scared of them too.” Tears come straight to the model. Candidate Maribel, on the other hand, could wait for the shoot with the horses, because she has her own horse at home. See how the contestants are doing in this challenge in the following video.

Also in the third episode of the current season of Germany’s next Topmodel a world-famous guest judge will be at Heidi’s side. Now it is the turn of supermodel Joan Smalls. The Puerto Rican is one of the most successful models in the world. She ran over 40 fashion shows and became the campaign face of Gucci, Stella McCartney and Roberto Cavalli. In 2007 Joan moved to New York to start a career as a professional model. But the road to becoming a supermodel was rocky. Nothing was served to her on a silver platter, she knocked from door to door and asked if anyone would vet her, without the help of an agent. In a competition she met a model booker who got her a contract with the well-known agency “Elite”. Arriving in the USA, the Puerto Rican model quickly gets her first jobs. She becomes the face for Ports 1961, runs for Diane von Furstenberg, James Coviello, Sass & Bide and appears in editorials in “Cosmopolitan” and “V”. In 2009 she leaves the agency “Elite” and joins the world’s leading agency “IMG”.

These models are out! Candidates after episode 3

For the candidate Malin, the journey is over at Germany’s next Topmodel. Despite her androgynous look, she doesn’t show Heidi, and went down among the other models.  Already at the shoot with the star photographer Vicky Lawton, she could not convince Heidi and the photographer. Despite the catwalk coaching, Malins Walk was still weak and almost fell down twice. Even though Heidi Klum is very convinced of Malin’s look, she realizes that the model is not passionate about Malin. Her performance is not quite enough to win Germany’s next Topmodel 2020 award.

Also for the candidate Saskia the dream to become Germany’s next Topmodel is shattered. “She is not a model I would normally work with. There is something unnatural about her,” said photographer Vicky Lawton during the shoot. Heidi already found during the catwalk exercises that Saskia walks too shyly. Even guest judge Joan Small is not really enthusiastic about her walk. “It was okay, but not outstanding.” …the supermodel judged. It wasn’t very career-boosting feedback.

These models are in the next round!

  • Julia P.
  • Jacky
  • Mareike
  • Lijana
  • Maribel
  • Johanna
  • Maribel
  • Sarah P.

These candidates are out:

  • Malin
  • Saskia

Following 2: SHOCK ! That’s never happened before

In the second episode the candidates will go to Costa Rica. Star photographer Rankin and a Tarzan await the girls in the jungle. But there a bad surprise is waiting for the girls. Drama among the candidates, the NRM candidates had not reckoned with. The mood among the 25 girls is tense. After Heide found only 25 instead of 30 girls in Munich, Heidi Klum decided to invite three more candidates to Costa Rica. This has never happened before in the history of Gernmany’s next Topmodel. Jacky, Maribel and Valeria are also in the race for the Gernmany’s next Topmodel title.  The 19 year old Maribel is passionate about photography and describes herself as a lone fighter.  Candidate Jacky is 21 years old, her great passion is sport and also modeling. The 19-year-old Valeria comes from Freiburg, her big dream was always to become a model. The reason why she takes part in the casting is that she wants to see the world and experience new things. The three newcomers have to prove what they can do at the shooting with ranking. The additional challenge for Heidi’s candidates is that they have to design their own outfits in advance. The shooting with the star photographer ranking will be a real challenge for the candidates. In long green scarves the girls have to pose in the air with a male model.

Candidate Lucy provides a flash of laughter. The 21-year-old calls herself a transgender, and the outfits at the GNTM shoot are a challenge for her. Lucy hasn’t had her sex reassignment surgery yet and is worried that “something might slip out” of her. At the shoot, the candidate is super relaxed about the situation. When a pink, elongated flower comes loose and dangles between Lucy’s legs, there is a real flash of laughter between the contestants and Heidi Klum. “That was the most beautiful moment of my life,” Lucy said afterwards.

Runway coach Stella Maxwell and star photographer Rankin

On the next day of arrival, the set for the candidates is set up in the middle of the jungle. In the last episode, the girls should walk for star designer Julien Macdonald and meet Hollywood star Milla Jovovich. This time Victoria’s Secret Angel Stella Maxwell is the guest judge and runway coach of today’s episode.

Model Stella gives the girls tips for the perfect WALK on the runway, because most of the girls urgently need tutoring on the catwalk. The difficult thing is that the catwalk is only 80 centimetres wide above a river. Supermodel Stella Maxwell, was born in Belgium, and at the age of 14 she travelled to New Zealand with her parents. There the British girl is discovered and she got her first jobs for well-known companies like Asos, H&M, Urban Outfitters or Alexander McQueen. In 2014 the dream of every model will come true. She becomes the official Victoria’s Secret Angel, where supermodels like Naomi Campbell, Adriana Lima and of course Heidi Klum are already enthroned. At the shooting with the star photographer Rankin, the models reach their limits. Everyone who follows the GNTM knows that the photographer has very high standards and that Heidi is very much in Rankin’s opinion. Because Heidi only takes the best of the candidates to the next round. Only those who stand out from the other girls and impress with their performance have a chance to win the title of Germany’s next Topmodel 2020.

These models are out! Candidates after episode 2

Shock for candidate Daria, Charlotte and Nina Sue. One of the three girls’ dreams has shattered. In the shoot, the girls brought little power. The star photographer was not really convinced by the talent of the three girls. Victoria’s secret angel Stella Maxwell nevertheless saw a clear potential for improvement in the models. The contrast to the other competitors was just too big for the girls. Also at the walk the girls were not very convincing. Candidate Daria feels unfairly treated and thinks that she deserves a second chance to prove her talent.

These models are in the next round!

  • Maribel
  • Jacky Julia P.
  • Mareike
  • Sarah P.
  • Lijana
  • Maureen
  • Johanna
  • Nadine
  • Cassandra
  • … here you will find all GNTM candidates

These candidates are out:

  • Nina Sue
  • Daria
  • Charlotte

Following 1: The casting and the first candidates

The 15th season of Germany’s next Topmodel takes place this year with an open casting in the famous Olympic Park in Munich. 1972 was the venue of the XX Olympic Games. In the first series, the jury consists of Heidi Klum and two alternating jurors, also from the fashion industry, the designer Julien Macdonald and model Milla Jovovich, who only sat next to Heidi Klum as a juror for the fashion show. The British fashion designer is known for his own label “Julien Macdonald” and as a former Givenchy chief designer. The designer is still represented at London Fashion Week today. The designer is not only a guest on the jury, he is also looking for models for his fashion show. 5 girls run on the catwalk to convince Heidi and her guest juror Julien Macdonald. 5 girls have already had the privilege to wear one of the dresses by British designer Julian Macdonald and walk on the catwalk.

For Heidi Klum, diversity is at the top of the list, “I’m not looking for a certain guy. Everything is open and all girls have the same chance,” the jury member said at the big casting in Munich. The casting took place in the open, thousands of girls queued for hours in the rain to make their dream come true. Which of the girls will stand out from the crowd this year and convince Heidi Klum and Julien Macdonald can be seen in the following video.

Highlights of the first episode- stumbling blocks at the fashion show

Already in the first episode the girls run a fashion show. Glitter and transparent tulle is the motto in the first show. This show decides who will go on the big journey, it is an important opportunity to show the potential of the contestants. During the walk across the catwalk everything is at stake for Heidi, because those who cannot convince her miss the chance to get ahead. Not only Heidi decides who gets further, but also guest judge Milla Jovovich. The multi-talent is a US-American model, musician, actress and designer. She is known for her role in “The Fifth Element”, her leading role in the film series “Resident Evil”.

Milla Jovovich founded the fashion label “Jovovich-Hawk” with her model colleague Carmen Hawk in 2004. She has already booked designers such as Christian Dior, Versace, Calvin Klein or Giorgio Armani for her campaigns. Today Milla sits next to Heidi Klum and helps her choose the best models. A new guest juror sits next to Heidi Klum in each episode. With the self-confident and beautiful Anastasija, things are anything but good in the first fashion show, she falls down on the catwalk, which was a momentous mistake for her. Also for the candidate Laura her walk was not flawless. For some models the fashion show is a rather shaky affair. But was it really the shoes? Already during the preparation for the fashion show it came in it in the first episode it came to a big sensation. The contestant Julia P. was without outfit until a few minutes before the start of the show. “Everyone got a dress except me. All the time I was either with the hair or the make-up and it was always later, later,” said the 17-year-old from Dortmund. Afterwards, fashion designer Julien Macdonald said “I’m sorry, sometimes I think models are not the most intelligent beings.  But on the catwalk things went better than expected for the 17 year old. Not only Heidi, but also Milla Jovovich were enthusiastic about Julia P. Only the best models get ahead.

Which candidates are further and fight for the title “Germany’s next Topmodel” ? Heidi Klum has a little surprise for the Top 25. Three up-and-coming models are moving into the show and trying to outdo each other on the catwalk and in the fight for their first modeling jobs. One of them is Jacky, Valeria and Maribel who will only be seen in the second episode.

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