Sindy GNTM Candidate 2017

GNTM 2017 – Sindy has also already made it into the Top 31 of the 12th season of German’s Next Topmodel. Whether Heidi Klum, Thomas Hayo, Michael Michalsky and Wolfgang Joop make the next top model, the first shows of the new season will show us. We take a closer look at candidate Sindy! The 20 year old from Stuttgart is currently still a student and has already been on GNTM twice before! Now she wants to prove it to everyone.

Does Sindy have a chance to win?

Sindy is now the 3rd time on Germanys next Topmodel. In her first attempt, the beautiful Stuttgart has unfortunately not made it very far.
At the second attempt it worked already better but this time she is firmly convinced to become a winner.
Whether she really makes it will be seen in the coming weeks – all good things come in threes.

What does GNTM contestant Sindy say about herself?

Sindy says about herself that she has a bang and is a real chatterbox. She also admits that she is not always the nicest.
Is the bitch war thus already pre-programmed.

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What’s Sindy like in private?

Sindy always has different wigs on, so she can transform herself again and again. In her introduction video of Prosieben she has alone 2 different hairstyles. From a long black mane to colorful cornrows. With Greta everything goes. But Sindy doesn’t only need variety on top, also on the bottom, because Sindy has a real shoe tick. She is quickly bored and needs constant change. She will surely expect that at GNTM and as an aspiring model.

What style is Sindy wearing?

From cool to elegant, Sindy does not stop at anything – you can see that in her more than 100 pairs of shoes.

Does Sindy have a boyfriend?

She’s keeping quiet about that.