Saskia GNTM Candidate 2017

Saskia is competing alongside 30 other models in the 12th season of Germany’s Next Topmodel! The first shows of the new season will show us whether Heidi Klum, Thomas Hayo, Michael Michalsky and Wolfgang Joop will make her the next top model. We take a closer look at candidate Saskia! The 19-year-old lives in Münster and is pretty crazy. Go back here: Germany’s Next Topmodel 2017.

Kicked out!!

Unfortunately, Saskia was already eliminated in the second episode. She and model colleague Christina had to leave the cruise ship already after the first challenge.

Does Saskia have a chance to win?

What does GNTM contestant Saskia say about herself?

She admits herself that she talks a lot and fast, so fast that even her parents sometimes don’t understand her. The only one who understands her is her sister.

What’s Saskia like in private?

Saskia is a very cheerful and above all crazy person. She loves to create a good mood and doesn’t believe in boredom. When it gets quiet and there is no more topic of conversation, she also likes to bite into a chapstick, because that’s how Saskia met her best friend.
Her biggest role model is her dad and he is really proud of her participation.

What can Saskia expect from the makeover?

During the makeover, her hair might have to take a hit. As you know Heidi likes extreme type changes.

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Saskia on Instagram & Co.

Here you can find Saskia online.

What style does Saskia wear?

On her Instagram profile you can see that the 19-year-old likes it casual. Jeans and top.
From time to time she also likes to wear an elegant dress.r

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