GNTM Germany’s Next Top Model 2017

GNTM 2017 – The start of the new season! The jury around Heidi Klum is looking for the new top model. Over thirty candidates are in the race and want to become GNTM winner 2017. Already for the twelfth time thousands of candidates compete against each other! In the jury this year are Heidi Klum, Michael Michalsky and Thomas Hayo. So three real experts are looking for the new top model. Michalsky is one of the top designers in Germany. Model agent Thomas Hayo is also known to many from the past seasons. The new top models start their big dream at the casting. New in the broadcasting concept: In the new episodes you will only see the castings in small excerpts. This time it goes directly on the big journey, across the whole world. We have already taken a close look at all the GNTM candidates. 31 young models, one of which will make it on the cover of Cosmopolitan, win the prize money and get the much sought-after modeling contract! We’re watching all the GNTM episodes for you! All the important updates about the show, the contestants and the new, old jury around top model Heidi Klum.

GNTM 2017 LIVE TV – Pro Sieben Live Streams

Where can you watch the new season live on TV? We have looked at all the TV alternatives for you! On the Internet there are so many sites that offer live streams, but very few are really reasonable or have a really nice picture. Live streaming in HD and with good sound is a pleasure. On 09.02. GNTM starts, here you can watch all episodes online:

Top 10 – The last girls fight for the victory!!!

There are less and less girls. Now Heidi has already reduced to the top 10 and there are 5 models from team Thomas and 5 models from team Michael. Right now there is a tie, but that can change every week. We are still curious how the girls will do in the coming weeks and who will finally enter the final.

GNTM Episode 8: Greta leaves voluntarily! + Fashion Week Berlin

In the 8th episode of Germany’s next Topmodel 2017 the girls had to prove themselves in real model life. It went to the Fashion Week and the first big castings, where the girls were in direct comparison to professional models. Carina and Brenda were able to get a job for the coveted Maybelline show. At the decision walk Team Michael got a white card, which they had to give to a team member themselves. After much drama, Giuliana got this and Julia St. had to leave the show.

GNTM Episode 7: Catwalk Training + Nude Shooting

In the 7th episode of Germany’s next Topmodel 2017 the girls had to prove themselves naked in front of the camera. They had to pose in front of the camera only sprayed with paint, which was not so easy for one or the other. But as if so much naked skin was not enough, the girls also had to complete the choreographed decision walk only dressed in paint. Here, however, not only the naked skin but with most much more the choreography was the problem.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

GNTM Episode 6: Decision in the ring + Neele leaves the show

Germany’s Next Topmodel” went into the ring on Thursday. This time even literally. The girls had to do one of the photo shootings/decision walk in a wrestling ring in the 6th episode. The fight between Neele and Sabine of course went into the 2nd round and Sabine won. Neele unfortunately had to leave the show.

GNTM Episode 5: The First Job + Special Guest FATA!

On “Germany’s Next Topmodel” it was all about the first job on Thursday. Celiné prevailed and got the job for the cover of “Shape”. The weekly shooting was very, very dirty this week as well as the bitching between Neele and Sabina. Melina unfortunately had to leave the show and fly back home. What else happened and how it goes on, you can see in our special to the 5th episode:

GNTM Episode 4: The big makeover!

Yesterday was the day. The big makeover 2017! We have considered in our previous video, what the candidates could get for hairstyles. Today we take a look at how many of our hairstyles we got right. There were a lot of tears and one contestant even left the show in fear for her hair. Who that was and what we have planned in our next videos, you can see in this video.

GNTM Makeover 2017 – Who gets short hair?

Tomorrow is what most wait for every season: The big makeover! Like every year, Heidi has prepared a makeover for the girls, where most of the tears flow. In the 4th episode of the 12th season, it’s back to the scissors, razors and hair color. We have already made a few thoughts and thought about what hairstyles could expect the candidates tomorrow. Who will go bald? Who can expect a completely new color? Now with us

Youtube Special: 4 Models Leave the Show Episode #3

4 Topmodels have to leave after the shooting! For the third time the jury around Heidi Klum, Thomas Hayo and star designer Michael Michalsky meets with the models of this year’s season. For the new top models the first exams were on the agenda and four GNTM candidates have to go! At the photo shoot they just couldn’t convince on an old crate above the clouds. So it’s already bye bye for Claudia, Milena, Chaline and Kimberly.

Preview 3rd episode – Who gets to go to LA ?!

Episode 3 and the girls have to prove that they can keep their nerves despite dizzying heights. The shooting is themed “Hang Lose”, because the girls have to pose in elaborate evening gowns on a large box that hangs eight meters above the ground on the ship’s crane of the MS Astoria. Keeping their nerves and staying focused despite gusts of wind will be a challenge for some. For the decision walk, the two team leaders Thomas Hayo and Michael Michalski have requested support. Nikeata Thompson coaches Team White and Mac Folkes coaches Team Black. This episode is especially special: Whoever can convince at the decision walk gets to fly to LA to the famous model villa! Who will make it and who has to fly home after episode 3, you will see on 23 February 2017 at 20:15 clock on ProSieben.

No less than 4 top models have to leave after the shoot! Episode #2

For the second time the jury around Heidi Klum, Thomas Hayo and star designer Michael Michalsky meets with the models of this year’s season. For the new top models the first exams were on the agenda and four GNTM candidates have to go! At the live photo shoot they just couldn’t convince on the surfboard. So it’s already bye bye for Elisa, Saskia, Christina and Elisa. What will happen in episode 3?

Preview 2nd episode – What awaits the girls on the high seas ?

In episode 2, Heidi’s top 28 go on a GNTM cruise for the first time. However, this is already associated with some difficulties at the beginning. Nausea and seasickness spread among the models. The MS Astoria departs from Marseille and a paddle shoot in a bay awaits the girls right at the first stop off Mallorca. Star photographer Max Montgomery is the first to work with the model chicks. Also Heidi says : ,, This is the first shooting for the girls. This is of course super exciting and also not so easy. “The icy temperatures of the water and the skimpy bikini outfits add to the difficulty. It is also difficult for the girls when posing, because one falls too easily from a wobbly surfboard.

But that was not all for the first week. A photo challenge awaits the 28 candidates and a very special prize awaits the winner. Whoever manages to put themselves in the best light on the upper deck of the MS Astoria gets to move into a luxury room with a sea view. The remaining girls have to share the rooms on the lowest deck in a very confined space. The first decision walk of the 12th season also takes place on the deck of the ship. The girls walk with long haute couture dresses made of neoprene fabric in front of the jury and two girls already have to say goodbye. For whom already here the journey and the dream of the title Germany’s next Topmodel is over you will find out on 16.02.2017 at 20:15 clock on ProSieben!

Has the winner already been chosen ?

On February 8th 2017 the annual Amfar Gala took place in New York City. Heidi Klum was like every year a welcome guest and brought also this time two lucky candidates of the 12th season to the event. This year Leticia and Lynn made it and were chosen to spend an unforgettable evening with Heidi. But does this event mean more than it first seems? We did some research and not only was the last GNTM winner Kim Hnizdo also there with Heidi, but Lovelyn Enebechi – winner of GNTM in 2013 and Luisa Hartema, the winner from 2012 were also chosen by Heidi to accompany her to the event. So these two contestants seem to have the perfect qualifications and a great chance to win! Whether this will be the free ticket to the final and maybe the title, can only be guessed so far.

GNTM Final 2017! Which contestants have a chance to win? Part 1

In the video, our editor Iva & Soraya Wanya discuss the GNTM contestants and their top 8!

Part 2 GNTM Finale 2017! 12 facts about the new season!

Preview first episode! The Topmodels start to the new season on Pro7

How does Heidi Klum get the first season started? We know! The 12th season of the casting show starts this year at an airport. Heidi has organized a big catwalk there for the Top 31, where the girls have to present their favorite outfits. From Black Swan costumes, as worn by contestant Helena, to summer dresses, everything will be on display. But who can convince the jury with their fashion taste? For whom is the dream of Germany’s next Topmodel over before it has even begun? For all those who can continue to fight for their dream, it’s time to take the plane to the Côte d’Azur, because in Marseille a cruise ship is waiting for Heidi and her chosen girls to set sail.


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GNTM 2017 contestants: The new top models

This year, at the beginning of the new season, 31 candidates are fighting for the victory, the cover and the model contract for the Topmodel 2017. We have already taken a close look at each of the participants to assess who of them has the greatest chance to become the winner. Last year we were still live for you backstage at the grand finale in Mallorca. So that you are also this year top informed, here are all the candidates of the new 12th season:

  • Aissatou
  • Angelina
  • Anh
  • Brenda
  • Carina
  • Cèline
  • Chaline
  • Christina
  • Claudia
  • Deborah
  • Elisa
  • Eva Kinscher
  • Giuliana
  • Greta Faeser
  • Helena
  • Julia
  • Julia St.
  • Kimberly
  • Liticia
  • Maja
  • Melina
  • Milena
  • Neele
  • Romina
  • Sabine
  • Saskia
  • Simone
  • Sindy
  • Sophie
  • Soraya
  • Victoria

What’s new on GNTN 2017: Jury & Coaches

This season there are a lot of changes on the casting show! For the first time, both teams have their own coach who is only there for Team Black or Team White. For Michael Michalsky the dancer and power woman Nikeata Thompson will be there to make his girls fit on the catwalk. On Team Hayo, Mac Folkes will be there. The catwalk coach will get Team Black in shape.

Me in my trailer and my new @esenshel hat. Thanks Rodney for making it all come together.

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But the most surprising change is a rule change. This means that the girls can not only fly out as usual at the decision walk, but at any time. This means full concentration for the girls, because missteps are now regretted faster than they think.

Watch the first episode before anyone else! But how?

The GNTM season officially starts on February 9th but there is actually a possibility to see the first episode before! For the biggest Topmodel fans the first episode will be shown on February 6th in the Berlin cinema ‘Astor Film Lounge’. To get tickets for the event you just have to write a mail to Pro Sieben. But be quick! The tickets will be assigned after receipt in the inbox and are only limited available.

New coach for the 12th season GNTM

In addition to new coaches like Nikeata Thompson and Mac Folkes, there will be a surprise from Germany this year. According to the Bild-Zeitung, the German top model Lars Burmeister will give the girls useful tips. The 32-year-old has already shot campaigns for Louis Vuitton, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana and has been featured in magazines like Vogue and V Man. The model has achieved almost everything a male model dreams of in the 9 years of his career. With so much experience and the looks, he brings everything to make not only the contestants sweat. We remain curious to see what role he will actually take on in the casting show.

The Come Back – Wolfgang Joop is at it again

After two years alongside Heidi Klum and Thomas Hayo, Wolfgang Joop became a viewer favorite as a jury member. The models also became close friends with him. Last year, however, he was replaced by Michael Michalski. This year, model mum Heidi didn’t choose between the two, but directly included both of them in the jury. For the first time in 12 years the jury consists of 4 jurors.

What exactly will be the task of fashion designer Joop is not yet known, however, Heidi already shows backstage glimpses on her Instagram profile, which makes everyone speculate.