Neele GNTM Candidate 2017

Neele has made it to the model villa in LA. Together with the 19 other candidates, she now continues to fight for victory. After the first shoot out in the history of GNTM, Neele emerges as the winner, beating out candidate Claudia. We take a closer look at contestant Neele, her hobbies, her success on social media so far and her boyfriend. Here it goes back: Germany’s Next Topmodel 2017.

Will Neele be GNTM winner 2017?

Due to her athleticism and her pretty face, she probably has all the prerequisites that you need for modeling, but her nature could get in the way of some tasks of the show. We are curious how Heidi and the other judges evaluate her performance.

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What does GNTM contestant Neele say about herself?

Neele is a very self-confident person. She already has a Youtube channel and is very active on Instagram with almost 14.7 thousand followers. She is passionate about sports and gets her motivation and strength from her boyfriend Oskar, who supports her in everything.

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What is Neele’s private life?

Privately she loves sports, good nutrition but also fashion. She presents all this to her followers with daily posts.

What can Neele expect from the makeover?

The dark blonde long hair is nice, but nothing special. I am curious how Heidi will change that.

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What style does Neele wear?

Neele has a cute style. Small bags, bright colors but also a cool it-piece like a leather jacket can be found with her. But she can also be different. Through her hobby she often wears sporty clothes and not only for training.

Does Neele have a boyfriend?

Yes, Neele has a boyfriend. She and her boyfriend Oskar probably fit the typical stereotype of an Instagram fitness couple.

Neele is in the top 9 in social media ranking!!!

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