Baptiste Giabiconi – The most successful male model about “The New Way of Working

Fashion show, showroom or shopping – the mobile phone is everywhere! Also with top model and Karl Lagerfeld muse Baptiste Giabiconi. Baptiste is today’s guest at the HUAWEI Mate 8 panel. The top model talks about “The New Way of Working”. The smartphone of course always at hand to check appointments. The top model is also very active on social media! Baptiste Giabiconi is the most successful male model on Instagram, Facebook & Co. So he not only sets the trends on the catwalk, but also in social media. Baptiste talked about the challenge in everyday life and how only as one of the most successful men’s models in the world, leisure and profession under a hat to get. We have of course translated the interview for you.

Baptiste Giabiconi, Top Model & Social Media Star on “The New Way of Working”.

FIV: Baptiste, what is your personal favorite style to wear right now?

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Baptiste: 501 jeans, dock marteen, pull marinière!

FIV: Which technical device do you use most often, notebook, tablet or smartphone?

Baptiste: My cell phone!

FIV: You have to keep such a busy schedule, do you have any apps you use to keep yourself organized?

Baptiste: My favorite app is called ‘Sunrise’, the alternative to a classic calendar.

FIV: If you could wish for an app to make your everyday life easier, what should it be able to do?

Baptiste: I’m thinking an app that prepares food for me at home. (laughs)

FIV: You’re just not a speaker, you also have a Huawei in your private life, what do you like most about it?

Baptiste: I especially like the ‘finger print function’ (it’s a little shutter button behind the phone), it makes taking selfies super easy.

FIV: Baptiste, you are the most successful model on social media, what is your secret?

Baptiste: The secret is to ‘keep it simple’, really! That means you have to be whole with your fans and you can’t make fake content. It’s always about being authentic.

FIV: We’re all pretty addicted to technology these days – what are your must-haves for everyday life?

Baptiste: To be honest my cell phone is my only ‘must have’ for me. Everything else goes without it.

FIV: You have so many careers: You’re single, a model, and a businessman – What aspect of your life are you most proud of?

Baptiste: I’m proud of everything to be honest! I’m proud because I put in a lot of hard work into my career and my life. I’ve sacrificed a lot and everything to get where I am. I honestly believe in ‘no pain, no gain’.


Baptiste Giabiconi @ HUAWEI Mate 8 Panel, Berlin

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FIV: If I may give you a day off today, in which city would you spend it, with whom and what would you most like to do on your day off?

Baptiste: A perfect day? I think I would spend it with Karl in Rome. And I would go shopping with him!

FIV: Baptiste, whose celebrity style do you admire the most?

Baptiste: Oh, I love Pharrell’s style!

FIV: Who is your favorite celebrity right now?

Baptiste: Kanye West!

FIV: Who are currently your favorite models, female and male?

Baptiste: As a woman, I love Kendall Jenner 100%! And among men, of course me (laughs).

FIV: Who is your favorite designer at the moment?

Baptiste: Olivier Rousteing, he’s my friend and a genius! We work a lot together!

FIV: What is the best advice you can give someone in the fashion industry?

Baptiste: Always be honest!

FIV: How has modeling for Chanel changed your life?

Baptiste: Chanel is my life! Really, Chanel IS my life.

FIV: Who is your favorite Chanel muse, Kendall / Cara?

Baptiste: Kendal and Cara – they are both so special, I can’t decide!


FIV: Are there also ‘crews’ among men models, as you know it from Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss? Who do you spend a lot of time with in your private life?

Baptiste: My crew consists of Gibson Karl, Ricardo, Olivier and my cat.

FIV: What is the best way to reach Baptiste Giabiconi? What do you prefer, call email or instant messages?

Baptiste: I prefer Message.

FIV: Do you ever really switch off? When do you relax?

Baptiste: I never switch off, never. I’m always on the go.

FIV: What has been the biggest driving force in your career?

Baptiste: Faith in Myself.

FIV: Where do you see yourself in the future, once you hang up your modeling career?

Baptiste: I will first enjoy life more than ever and continue to work on my business.