Brenda GNTM Candidate 2017

Brenda did it! LA and the Model Villa. Heidi gave her one of the coveted tickets too, because Brenda just convinces with her funny way and her performances! Here’s a little look at the contestant! The Berlin native is 23 years old and an insurance saleswoman as her main occupation. Go back here: Germany’s Next Topmodel 2017.

Will Brenda be the winner of GNTM 2017?

She is also one of the older ones. Brenda loves her size and her eyes. She wants to be more than a “giant giraffe”. She is very motivated to show her modeling potential in exciting shoots. I think she has good chances.

Brenda: Already a hot contender for the win after episode 1

Brenda was after the first episode by far the most searched candidate on the net. Whether this is a good omen for her and she also gets the first place in the show? At least she seemed to go down particularly well with the viewers. She is in the top 5 together with Julia St., Celine, Greta and Carina.

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GNTM Special – Our top candidates for the finale

What does GNTM contestant Brenda say about herself?

She also wants to use Germany’s next Topmodel to be a role model for the girls out there. Is not afraid and dares to approach others.

What’s Brenda like in private?

Brenda is very active on social media and has already built a small fanbase, almost 17 k has already joined on Instagram. She dreams of a life with glitter and glamour.

What’s in store for Brenda at the makeover?

Brenda has long black hair, which she also stand super. However, I could imagine that Heidi would like to cut off a few more cm here.

What style does Brenda wear?

Brenda follows every trend and is very stylish. On her Instagram profile she also likes to show herself in sexy dresses.
With her figure, of course, no problem.

Does Brenda have a boyfriend?

Officially, Brenda doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Brenda on Instagram & Co.

You can find Brenda online here.

  • Leticia Instagram: _brendablack_
  • Snapchat: brendaniica

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