Carina GNTM Candidate 2017

Carina is in! She is among the top 20 and has therefore also received a ticket for LA and the model villa. She convinces Heidi with her performance and always gives 200%. Heidi is thrilled and has had no criticism of her so far. We take a closer look at candidate Carina! The young student currently lives in Paris and lives her lifestyle to the fullest.

Does Carina have a chance to win?

Her looks speak for themselves, but her personality could get in the way of many tasks and also with the other candidates. Nevertheless, she always gives 200% and convinces Heidi!

Carina: Already after episode 1 one of the most wanted candidates in the net

Whether she was one of the viewers’ favorites or whether it was due to her very self-confident manner, one can not say exactly, but nevertheless she is already after the first episode one of the most sought-after candidates in the network and directly gets the 5th place. With her in the ranking are Brenda, Celine, Greta and Julia St.

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Germany - Spain - USA

What does GNTM contestant Carina say about herself?

Carina currently lives in Paris and studies there. She says about herself that she is a very special person and doesn’t always get along with everyone. Her great self-confidence and her interest in branded clothes, luxury and a lifestyle that is characterized by money, success and glamour make her a very unusual personality.

What’s Carina’s personal life?

Privately, Carina is very enterprising. Whether it goes to the Parisian nightlife or shopping, she is immediately there. It goes for her only in the hottest clubs and also with the quality of her clothes she does not save. After working for Karl Lagerfeld, the quality of brand-name clothes such as Louis Vouitton and Gucci is very important to her. But she also takes her studies seriously and has therefore even stood Justin Bieber up !

What awaits Carina at the makeover ?

Her long brown hair is sacred to her. But what Heidi plans to do with it could lead to more than just drama.

After episode 4 this secret has been revealed! Carina is blonde and her hair is also a good bit shorter. She was not thrilled, but can live with it and we think – it looks great and will only help her on the way to the title Germany’s next Topmodel 2017!

Carina on Instagram & Co.

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What style is Carina wearing?

Carina only wears brand-name clothes. From Louboutin to Louis Vuitton, everything that has a store on the Champs-Élysées can be found in her closet.

Does Carina have a boyfriend?

No, Carina doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Carina is in the top 9 in social media ranking!!!