Sophie GNTM Candidate 2017

Sophie is competing alongside 30 other models in the 12th season of Germany’s Next Topmodel! One of them is even her twin sister. Whether Heidi Klum, Thomas Hayo, Michael Michalsky and Wolfgang Joop will let them get into the final, we will see in the next weeks. We are already taking a closer look at candidate Sophie! With 24 years she is one of the oldestcontestants and did not come alone. Go back here: Germany’s Next Topmodel Special 2017.

Does Sophie have a chance to win?

Sophie has applied with her twin sister ‘Eva’. They don’t see each other as competitors yet, but two contestants with exactly the same look will be the biggest competition in any job. We will see who will be the better one and get closer to the title.

What does GNTM contestant Sophie say about herself?

Sophie is one of the oldest contestants at 24. After her mother died in June 2016, Sophie simply wants to experience something new and unique and sees the chance to do so in GNTM. She has become stronger through this stroke of fate and appreciates every day that she is allowed to be there. She sees herself as very joyful and happy.

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What can Sophie expect from the makeover?

She has very beautiful but ordinary hair. I think Heidi will give her a complete makeover, especially so that she and her sister are more different.

What style is Sophie wearing?

Sophie wears a cool look that suits her age. Simple but stylish.

Does Sophie have a boyfriend?

Officially, Sophie doesn’t have a boyfriend.

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