FIV Issue #30: Kim Hnizdo, Jennifer Lopez x Intimissimi, Adorablecaro, Carmushka

The new FIV issue #30 is online! On the cover: GNTM winner Kim Hnizdo. Since winning season 11, she has been working internationally as a model and traveling all over the world. Learn more about her career and why mental health is so important to her. Want more GNTM? Trixiegiese from season 13 reveals to us in an interview how she manages her career and takes care of her relationship after participating in the show. Plus: Jennifer Lopez is Intimissimi’s new brand ambassador. Find out how JLO perfectly presents the core values of the underwear brand. Other interesting influencers like Carmushka talk about their lives as content creators.

The dream of modeling: Kim Hnizdo in interview

Kim was able to prove herself against thousands of girls in 2016 and won the 11th season of “Germany’s next Topmodel”. Since then, her life has turned around 180 degrees: She is an international model and lives her dream. But what does everyday life as a famous model actually look like? In the interview, she reveals details about the German and international fashion industry.

GNTM: a whole new life

Kim’s GNTM victory gave her a completely new life. She describes the show as a wild stepping stone into a new world. Did you know that Kim studied law before GNTM? She tells us that she divides her life into before and after Topmodel. Learn more interesting private insights in the interview.

The most important facts about Kim Hnizdo:

  • She is 1.77m tall
  • At 19, she won the 11th season of “Germany’s next Topmodel” (2016)
  • Brand ambassador for “Women For Women International

Social commitment: How Kim stands up for others

Mental health and support among women is very important to Kim. She is committed to social projects and recently became the newest Ambassador for Women For Women International. She tells us how important it is for her to share about so-called taboo topics. Mental health is essential to her, which is why she advocates sharing and talking openly about it. Kim also shares her tips for young models on mental health.

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Interesting glimpses into Kim’s new life

Jennifer Lopez x Intimissimi

The new brand ambassador for Intimissimi is the popular singer Jennifer Lopez. Her image as a passionate and seductive power woman underlines the message of
Intimissimi and thus inspires many women. With her image as a confident and glamorous woman, she is an identification figure for many women around the world.

The new collection: made for JLO

Intimissimi is an Italian brand of underwear, nightwear and hosiery for men and women. The new collection for spring/summer 2023 represents the summer Italy full of dreams. Jennifer Lopez presents the collection, which includes fuchsia bougainvillea shades, sunny yellow orange and a turquoise Mediterranean blue. Discover in the article the most interesting details about the Intimissimi brand and how Jennifer Lopez managed to become the perfect brand ambassador.

Interviews with well-known influencers

We continue with interesting interviews from the most popular influencers like Adorable_Caro and Carmushka, and many more. Don’t miss exciting details from the private lives of content creators!

Adorable_Caro about her own new brand

Caro is a successful content creator who shares lifestyle, fashion and sports content on TikTok and Instagram. Since fashion is her passion, she founded her own brand “Ninety-9” together with her father. The brand offers accessories, swimwear, loungewear and eveningwear. In the interview, Caro tells us all about the founding of “Ninety-9”, shows us her favorite pieces and lists her biggest successes in her social media career.

Trixie Giese about life after GNTM

Trixie became a model by participating in the 13th season of “Germany’s Next Topmodel”. Since the show, she now works successfully as a model and content creator on Instagram and TikTok. Did you know that Trixie was born in Toulouse, France? In the interview she gives us insights into her private life, ballet as a hobby and her social media career. She tells us how GNTM changed her life and also gives relationship tips.

Carmushka about everyday life as the most popular content creator

Carmen is one of the most popular content creators in Germany. She shares fashion and lifestyle content with her one million followers on Instagram every day. In this interview, Carmen talks about her life as a young mother, influencer and businesswoman. She founded her fashion brand “Oh April” a few years ago and published her own book “My head, a universe”. What else can we expect from Carmen in the future? She gives us a little sneak peak about it.