Romina GNTM Candidate 2017

Romina is among the Top 20 ! She has a ticket for LA and the model villa and will represent her team white and Mr. Michalsky there. She is highly motivated. We take a closer look at candidate Romina, who is not completely without experience and contacts. We have summarized all important information for you. Here it goes back: Germany’s Next Topmodel 2017.

Does Romina have a chance to win?

Her experience in the model business puts her a step ahead of the other girls. Whether she uses this chance before the others catch up with her, we will see.

What does GNTM contestant Romina say about herself?

The 20-year-old does not come to the show without experience. She has already been in front of the camera for magazines and lookbooks, but she was also allowed to walk at Fashion Week and not for just anyone, but for juror Michael Michalski.

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What’s Romina’s private life?

Romina is very fun-loving in private. She loves shopping and spends all her money on clothes. The fashion victim lives in Hambrücken near Karlsruhe.

What can Romina expect from the makeover?

I think Romina can go into the makeover with no worries. Her long brown hair suits her and makes her look.

What style is Romina wearing?

Romina’s style is edgy and chic. She combines basic pieces to highlights and creates her very own look.

Does Romina have a boyfriend?

Officially, Romina doesn’t have a boyfriend.

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