Serlina GNTM Candidate 2017

Serlina is among the Top 20 ! She has a ticket for LA and the Model Villa and will represent her team Schwarz and Thomas there. She is highly motivated. We take a closer look at candidate Serlina! She is 22 years old, lives in Koblenz and is currently a student. Click here to go back: Germany’s Next Topmodel 2017.

Does Serlina have a chance to win?

Young, pretty, tall – perfect conditions. She already has the perfect look and the age. Let’s see how she does at the shootings and castings.

GNTM Special – Our top candidates for the finale

What does GNTM contestant Serlina say about herself?

Serlina is a very adventurous person, after her 9 month stay in Melbourne, she is studying in Koblenz and trying to get a foothold in the model business through GNTM.

What is Serlina in private?

Serlina has a fear of heights and spiders. This could stand in her way at the one or other shooting, but her easy-going nature makes her very likeable, which can be an advantage for castings. She loves going to electro festivals and doesn’t like sports.

What can Serlina expect from the makeover?

I think Serlina has nothing to fear. Her long blonde hair looks just great on her !

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

What style does Serlina wear?

Serlina wears a more casual and chic style.

Does Serlina have a boyfriend?

Yes, Serlina met her boyfriend in Melbourne. He lives in Israel and they have a long distance relationship.

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