Céline GNTM Candidate 2017

Céline is in the Top 20! She received one of the coveted plane tickets to LA and is allowed to move into the model villa with the other 19 candidates! We take a closer look at candidate Céline and her trademark – the freckles Here you go back: Germany’s Next Topmodel 2017.

Does Céline have a chance to win?

She has an extraordinary trademark. The freckles make Céline stand out from the crowd. We think she has a good chance of winning.

Céline: Already after episode 1 one of the most popular candidates on the internet

After all, Céline occupies 2nd place in the internet ranking. Already after the first episode she was among the most wanted candidates at GNTM. In the top 5 she is together with Brenda, Julia, Greta and Carina. Let’s hope that it will be enough for the second place or even the victory.

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Germany - Spain - USA

What does GNTM contestant Céline say about herself?

Céline is 18 years old and lives in Koblenz. She is a little clumsy but highly motivated to prove herself at GNTM. For her it is a childhood dream to model, which she now wants to fulfill.

What is Céline in private?

Currently she is still a student, but hopes to start as an international model through GNTM. What makes her special are her freckles, which she herself is very proud of.

What can Céline expect from the makeover?

The brown hair harmonizes perfectly with the freckles, only whether Heidi is of the same opinion remains to be seen.

Céline on Instagram & Co.

Here you can find Céline online

What style does Céline wear?

Privately she wears more casual basic tops and jeans, but she also likes to style herself up from time to time.

Does Céline have a boyfriend?

Officially, Céline has no boyfriend.

Céline is in the top 9 in social media ranking!!!

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