Deborah Lay GNTM Candidate 2017

Deborah flies with us to LA! The model villa is within reach and also for Deborah the dream comes true. She convinced Heidi with her performance and her pictures and has really earned the move into the villa. . We take a closer look at Deborah! The young Cologne girl is 21 years old and exactly in the middle of the field. Not too young, not old. At home, however, she is the runt of the litter. Here you go back: Germany’s Next Topmodel 2017.

Kicked out!

Already in episode 4 it was not enough for Deborah. She is one of the 6 wobbly candidates and is the only one sent home by Heidi. So quickly ends her dream of the title!

Does Deborah have a chance to win?

Deborah admits she has never walked on high shoes. This has already cost some candidates the out. Others, on the other hand, have been able to score points with steady improvement and have made it a long way.

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GNTM Special – Our top candidates for the finale

What does GNTM contestant Deborah say about her participation?

With her participation she wants to jump over her shadow and prove it to everyone. She believes in herself and thinks that she will make it far.

What’s Deborah like in private?

Deborah is currently training in the health and beauty field. She is a big piercing and tattoo fan and a big family person. Later she would like to have a big family.

What can Deborah expect from the makeover?

Deborah has medium long short curls. Heidi will certainly bring more pepp in her hair. Maybe with some color or a different cut?

What style is Deborah wearing?

Deborah likes to wear comfortable clothes, like casual jeans and sports shoes. She doesn’t think much of high heels.

Deborah on Instagram and Snapchat?

  • Deborah Instagram: debbyllay
  • Deborah Snapchat: debbylay95

Does Deborah have a boyfriend?

Officially, Deborah doesn’t have a boyfriend.

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