Melina GNTM Candidate 2017

Melina has made it! Not only is she the first transgender model to compete in GNTM, she also got a ticket to LA from Heidi. She has shown herself to be an inexperienced model so far, but is catching up fast and learning quickly. Her motivation helps her, as contestant Melina has already overcome many difficult times in her life. Go back here: Germany’s Next Topmodel 2017.


Kicked out in episode 2 ?

One of the 2 transgender models Melina Budde is said to have already been eliminated in episode 2. The 19 year old was spotted at the Berlinale party by ‘Bild’, but not as a guest, but as a waitress. Here she reveals that she has just moved to Berlin and now has to keep her head above water with temporary jobs after her Germany’s next Topmodel. However, she has not given up modeling yet.

Will Melina be GNTM winner 2017?

If she fights as hard in GNTM as she has in her life, nothing will stand in the way of the pretty 19 year old.

What does GNTM contestant Melina say about herself?

Melina is a person who is not ashamed of anything about herself. Making faces, making jokes, that’s her thing. She is very direct and open and also says her opinion sometimes,

What is Melina in private?

Despite the funny cover, a difficult past hides underneath. The 19 year old overcomes this with tattoos, like one on her wrist with the writing: ‘ stay strong’. But not only the many tattoos make her extraordinary, but also her nose piercing and her tunnels in her ear. She is on GNTM to prove to everyone what she can do.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

What can Melina expect from the makeover?

I think Melina’s hair needs some work. At the moment it is rather plain. Heidi will come up with something special for her.

Her trademark – the tattoos

Her tattoos are very important for Melina, especially the writing that adorns her forearm: ‘ if you never break you’ll never know how to put yourself back together ‘. But also on both wrists are writings like: ‘keep fighting’ and ‘stay strong’. The 19 year old is a real fighter and wants to realize her dream to be at home on the catwalks of this world.

Does Melina have a boyfriend?

Melina is officially single, however there is no telling what secrets will come out during the season.

Melina on Instagram

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Today it will be diiiirrttyyy! Are you excited? ?? #gntm #teammelina #topmodel ©ProSieben/ Micah Smith

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Melina is in the top 9 in social media ranking!!!

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