Giuliana GNTM Candidate 2017

Giulina has made it! Not only is she the first transgender model to compete in GNTM, she also got a ticket to LA from Heidi. She showed herself very professional and her pictures speak for themselves. She definitely has the talent to become a model! We took a closer look at the candidate! She is 20 years old and originally from Freiburg, currently she lives in Herburgsheim. Click here to go back: Germany’s Next Topmodel 2017.

Does Giuliana have a chance to win?

She thinks her chances of winning are good, as long as she is well rested and has good make-up. Then let’s hope that this succeeds in the stressful model everyday life.
The special thing about her: She is also like her colleague Melina not long a woman. But it must be said that this is not particularly noticeable and also Heidi described her as: “Granate”.
Good conditions to show everyone how confident she is with her new self.

What does GNTM contestant Giuliana say about herself?

Giuliana says she talks a lot, especially a lot of nonsense. Funny, crazy and crazy but still sweet and cute. She especially likes her eyes.

What can Giuliana expect from the makeover?

She has beautiful, long, wavy mane, which perfectly underlines her exotic type. I don’t think Heidi will change much here.

Your goal on GNTM?

Her goal on GNTM is to get along well with her fellow contestants and, of course, to win.

Does Giuliana have a boyfriend?

Officially Giuliana has no boyfriend.

You want to be a top model yourself?

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