Sabine GNTM Candidate 2017

Sabine has made it! Top 20, LA and the model villa. The first step on the way to the title GNTM 2017! She convinces with her performance and her pictures speak for themselves. We take a closer look at candidate Sabine! Sabine is 23 years old, born in Würzburg and now lives in Munich. There she studies tourism management. Click here to go back: Germany’s Next Topmodel 2017.

Does Sabine have a chance to win?

She is spontaneous, crazy and self-confident. Perfect conditions to make it far.

What does GNTM contestant Sabine say about herself?

Sabine describes herself as very ambitious and perfectionistic. If something doesn’t work out the way she wants it, she goes completely crazy.
She is also very crazy and spontaneous.

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What’s Sabine like in private?

Sabine had to be independent early on and at some point just had to get out of everyday life, from one day to the next she flew to Thailand and has fallen in love there directly, so much that she went with him to Wales and even wanted to marry. The whole thing didn’t last that long though. Nevertheless, this shows how crazy the 23-year-old is on the road.

What does Sabine expect during the makeover?

Blonde suits her well and brings her beautiful face even more to the fore. I don’t think Heidi will change anything big here.

What style does Sabine wear?

Sabine wears practical and comfortable clothes. Nevertheless, she makes sure that everything fits together.

Does Sabine have a boyfriend?

Officially Sabine has no boyfriend.

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