Miss Germany? The Camp, the Candidates & Winners – TV Interview

The new season of Germany’s Next Topmodel has started! Here the new advertising icons of Heidi Klum are discovered. There used to be a Miss Germany election. Miss Germany? Currently it takes place again, the election to Miss Germany! Hardly anyone knows the names or can you remember one of the winners of the Miss Germany election? That’s exactly what it’s all about today: We take a look at the world of the Miss Germany election with all the details and the most important questions and answers all about prerequisites, votes and, of course, all the winners.

All about Miss Germany: Requirements, application until final

Today Nikeata Thomson, successful on TV and also as a coach at Germanys Next Topmodel, as well as Stephan Czaja, owner of one of the upcoming agencies CM Models, could be seen together at Sat1. Exciting, because somehow you don’t get much of the choice! Reason enough to take a look at what you should know about Miss Wahl. Here you find the post in the Sat1 Mediathek (German): Stone Age or career booster? Miss Germany.

Saturday evening the new Miss Germany 2019 will be elected. In the TV report, Nikeata Thompson, who is currently coaching the current Miss Germanys, talks about the current finalists. 16 candidates are now preparing for the big show. A few celebrities are also expected, as well as Sarah Lombardi. In the TV interview everyone was still under palm trees to get fit for the big finale in tropical warm weather. From personal talks with the coaches to catwalk training.

Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

Catwalk Coaching with Nikeata Thomson

The participants are on average with the 20s. Many have already gained a little model experience, but some are also completely new in the world, so this year there is for example a policewoman and a farmer’s wife, like Soraya.

These are the pictures from Camp 2019 – Best Of

Questions and Answers on Miss Germany Election

Many would like to apply for the Miss Germany election, try their luck themselves and maybe even make it to the finalists. But what are the requirements for the application? Today we’ll clean up the most frequently asked questions and answer whatever you need to know about the choice!

How long is the Miss Germany election?

The Miss Germany election has been around for a very long time, since 1927. There are many Miss events, the “Miss Germany” is only one of many, but the best known in Germany. Behind Miss Germany are sponsors, who finance the entire event, the casting, the travels and of course the planning for all dates. Therefore, all events and of course the final always take place in the locations of the sponsors. The Miss Germany election is a big PR event. Most of the time the event is reported by the tabloid media.

Is there an age restriction?

Yes, in fact there is a requirement, which may be at the Miss Germany election maximum up to 28 years old. I’m afraid you’re too old after that! So if you ever want to try your luck, you should definitely do it before you turn 29.

Is there also a Mister Germany election?

Also for men there is a contest, the Mister Germany election from the same organizer. Here you can see the candidates from this year:

How to be successful as Miss Germany?

Is it worth it for the participants, can you really earn money with the title of “Miss Germany”? This is exactly what marketing expert Stephan Czaja from the Sat1 team was asked to do in a TV interview. He replied that the winner would have one year to make the most of all possibilities. He goes on to say that if you use the network cleverly, you may well make it to a decided prosperity within the 12 months that you carry the title.

Who deserves more, Miss Germany or Influencer?

Marketing expert Stephan Czaja provides a clear answer to this question: as an influencer on Instagram and YouTube, you deserve much more than a Miss Germany. What’s the problem? A “Miss Germany” lives solely from her title. All dates are booked in advance by the organizer. All that is bought is the presence and the name. With an influencer, customers pay attention not only to “the name”, but also to the community, i.e. the fan number of the influencer or his or her range.

What does Miss Germany do after the victory?

Once the winner has been determined, her diary is already filled for a full year. For the winner, it is a matter of many PR events of the sponsors, but also events, such as discos or the opening of shopping centers. The name Miss Germany works and attracts visitors, which in turn brings her or the management behind the title Bookings. The winner will then bear the title for a whole year. Then she hands over the crown and her sash to her successor.

Can I still be Miss Germany over 50?

Yes, women over the age of 50 can apply for the Miss Germany 50+ election. This is what the Miss Germany 50+ looks like:

Miss Germany Winners

Do you know any of the winners? If not, here we have again for you the list with all winners of the Miss Germany election in a clear list, with all winners 2000. As described above, there was the first election already in 1927, won at that time Hildegard Kwandt from Berlin. All winners can be found here on Wikipedia.

  • 1927 Hildegard Kwandt – Miss Berlin
  • 2000 Sandra Hoffmann – Miss Central Germany
  • 2001 Mirjana Bogojevic – Miss Hamburg
  • 2002 Katrin Wrobel – Miss Berlin
  • 2003 Babett Konau- Miss Schleswig-Holstein
  • 2004 Claudia Hein – Miss North Rhine-Westphalia
  • 2005 Antonia Schmitz – Miss North Rhine-Westphalia
  • 2006 Isabelle Knispel – Miss Berlin
  • 2007 Nelly Marie Bojahr – Miss T-Online
  • 2008 Kim-Valerie Voigt – Miss Northern Germany
  • 2009 Doris Schmidts – Miss Baden-Württemberg
  • 2010 Anne Julia Hagen – Miss Berlin
  • 2011 Anne-Kathrin Kosch – Miss Thuringia
  • 2012 Isabel Gülck – Miss Ashampoo
  • 2013 Caroline Noeding – Miss Lower Saxony
  • 2014 Vivien Konca – Miss North Rhine-Westphalia
  • 2015 Olga Hoffmann – Miss Pearl.tv
  • 2016 Lena Bröder – Miss West Germany
  • 2017 Soraya Kohlmann – Miss Saxony
  • 2018 Anahita Rehbein – Miss Baden-Württemberg