Runway highlights by Vera Wang: original bridal wear and extravagant dresses

Runway highlights by Vera Wang – delicate lace, rebellious tulle or dizzying platform heels – hardly any fashion show is the same here. Whether it’s sophisticated ready-to-wear collections or rebellious wedding dresses, Vera Wang’s runway shows are always carefully thought out. Check out the top videos of her fashion shows here! Plus: What do peacock feathers and Vera Wang have in common? What was the most expensive wedding dress she ever designed? And who are her favorite Hollywood clients? Find out, and more, at the end.

Vera Wang: Ageless fashion icon of the modern age

Youngest fashion journalist ever hired by the popular Vogue magazine. Former figure skater. Hard-working businesswoman. Innovative designer. The list of Vera Wang’s titles is endless. Originally known for her original bridal wear, she went on to design eveningwear, sunglasses, jewelry, and even bath rugs. Her road to success was long and rocky, and her breakthrough was also a long time coming.

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Ready to Wear: Extravagant and innovative fashion for everyday life

Everyday wear from the house of Wangs is always characterized by somber gentility. The main characteristics here: Sparkling sequins, sheer lace and voluminous tull. Lingerie and boudoir pieces are also often used. The models usually don’t wear exciting makeup. Their faces are expressionless. Their hair styled casually, almost effortlessly. Wang wants her fashion to speak for itself.

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An autumn collection characterised by androgynous elegance

For her Fall 2014 collection, Vera Wang drew inspiration from masculine sportswear and enhanced it with bold lace, sparkling rhinestones and metallic sequins.

Casual everyday wear with a touch of coquetry

For Spring 2017, Vera Wang focused on corsetry and peplum shorts that exposed the models’ off-the-shoulder silhouettes. Watch the full fashion show here.

Dreamy lingerie and sheer dresses for spring

After a two-year hiatus, Wang finally made a comeback with her Spring 2020 collection featuring sheer bra tops, loose chainmail and vertiginous platform heels.

Ready to wear in Wang style: romantic tulle and egdy make up looks

Wang didn’t shy away from wicked boudoir pieces, asymmetrical ruffled shirts and pleated tulle for her fall 2020 ready-to-wear collection, either. Here’s the full runway show:

Innovative wedding dresses: romance meets rebellion

If you think wedding dresses always have to be white, you’re wrong. On the contrary: Vera Wang loves to challenge the status quo and redefine the standards of bridal fashion for herself. So she always uses the entire color palette for her collections. From pink to red and even black, all colors are represented here. Also eye-catching accessories like opera gloves and pathetic overskirts are often seen.

White wedding dresses with innocent sophistication

Titled ‘All about Lace’, Vera Wang presented her new bridal fashion collection in fall 2013. Striking here: Romantic embroidery, voluminous skirts and elaborate neckpieces.

A wedding in bold red

In true Wang style, she also broke all bridal fashion taboos in spring 2013. The result? Strapless dresses, floral motifs and draped tulle in shades of red. Watch the clip to see Wang’s innovative bridal fashion for yourself.

Avant-garde bridal fashion and plenty of style breaks

After the red tones from before, Vera Wang ventured into a different color palette a year later. Here she skillfully mixed the two opposites of black and white using predominantly white dresses with black accents.

Who is Vera Wang?

Much is known about the ageless designer, but only a few people know about her life and career. What drives the creative innovator away from the fashion shows? Who inspired her to pursue her profession? How did she find her first job at Vogue? Find all the answers to your questions here.

A compassionate fashion legend away from the glitz and glamour

For her 30th anniversary, Vera Wang surprised members of the American military with wedding dresses, tuxedos and wedding rings from her latest collections. Tears are guaranteed here.

The designer about the beginning of her career and the women in her life

During a conversation with CCTV Americas host Shraysi Tandon, Wang answers all questions about women and business.

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