Toni Dreher – GNTM winner of 2018

Soon it will be time again and GNTM will start again! Anyone who regularly follows GNTM knows that this year’s winner was Toni Dreher-Adenuga. After a very exciting season with different characters, the 18 year old won the title. From the beginning, she was considered one of the favorites.

Toni’s life: Family, Religion and Model Career

Toni’s Past

Toni was born on 27 November 1999 in Stuttgart. Her parents are originally from Nigeria. She has a big sister and a little brother. Toni’s real name is actually oluwatoniloba. Since no one in her past could ever pronounce this name, she decided to simply call herself Toni. Toni went to the St. Agnes Mädchengymnasium from the 8th grade, where she also graduated from high school. She made it in the end and graduated from high school, but she didn’t always have it easy at school. Starting from the fifth class the model was heavily mobbed over several years because of her skin color and her name. Many people probably ask themselves how one can pass one’s Abitur after such a past. Above all, Toni has always drawn a lot of strength from her faith. The whole mission the 18 year old does not make a secret of the fact that she prays a lot and strictly adheres to the rules of her faith. She leads the youth service in her church and spends a lot of time there. In her school days Toni loved everything that had to do with writing texts. That’s why she’s a poetry slammer. She diligently writes lyrical texts and even appears in public again and again.

Toni’s Life after her GNTM Victory

After Toni had won the title in May, things continued excitingly for her. At Berlin Fashion Week she was able to present collections by designer Michael Michalsky and designer Lana Mueller. Recently there was a lot of excitement in the Toni fan community. There was a rumour that the 18-year-old was pregnant and was still running across the catwalk. But the rumor was quickly cleared up. Toni walked the catwalk together with ex-GNTM candidate Klaudia and K. for Ernsting’s Family and presented the latest collection. But Toni wants to achieve much more. Their main goal is to become internationally successful and to become a role model for young people.

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Her Personality

During the GNTM season Toni always shows that she is a family man and misses her family very quickly. She had to share a room with her little brother at home and misses him and the other family members very much during the exciting model trip.

Toni is known for revealing her opinion and for being a bit out of line when it comes to her dress style and attitude. Recently she decided to simply shave off her eyebrows to make herself a little more exceptional. Especially since the trend today tends towards full, thick eyebrows, it was a surprise for many that Toni does something like this. But there was a lot of praise from their fans for their courage to show themselves so publicly. On her instagram page, the 18-year-old often shows herself in the most extraordinary outfits. An example, see below.

Toni didn’t put up with anything during the GNTM season. Even after GNTM, she says if something doesn’t suit her. After Carolin Kebekus in her show “Pussy Terror Tv” made a derogatory statement to GNTM by calling the casting show “hungergames”, Toni gave her an announcement in which she wrote that there is bodyshaming in both directions and that one must not tell a person that he is too fat or that he is too thin.

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