Fendis Peekaboo, Baguette & Boston Bag: It-Bags from Italy

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Baguette Bag went down in history. The first handbag that became an It-bag. But Fendi has much more to offer than just the Baguette Bag. Peekaboo, Boston Bag and the mini bags from the Italian haute couture house make not only our hearts beat faster! Read more about the collections here and watch the latest video clip of Fendi with Caro Daur!

Bags by Fendi: from mini bag to backpack

Fendi – the Italian luxury fashion label is famous for their stylish bags, especially the Baguette Bag is indispensable in our minds. But also the other bags by Fendi are real eye-catchers! Whether small with a mini bag or a spacious backpack, with Fendi you are stylish on the road.

Special shapes, whether playful or with clean lines. Vertical and Orizontal Box impress with their clear geometric shape while the pouch bag provides a casual look.

Belt bags, shoulder bags, handle bags, tote bags – discover the world of bags by Fendi. You can find even more of Fendi’s product variety on our Pinterest page! Here you can also find our moods and inspirations for Fendi bags.

Baguette Bag: Mother of the It-Bags – Must-Have makes for waiting lists

The Baguette Bag is the first handbag that became a so-called It-Bag! Since 1997 it has been a real must-have, which has already created waiting lists. Intended as a contrast to the otherwise so practical and simple bags in the range, the designer Silvia Venturini designed the Baguette Bag – small, practical and with the unique Fendi logo as a closure.

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Animal print or the classic FF logo? Models made of mink, straw, nylon, lambskin or nappa leather invite you to buy. The name Baguette Bag alludes to the way French women carry a baguette under their arm.

#BaguetteFriendsForever: Starring Caro Daur and Sarah Jessica Parker

The rebirth of the Baguette Bag will be celebrated in 2019 with three short films. In this film, you’ll see Caro Daur fall in love with “The One and Only Baguette”. In addition to the German influencer, you’ll also see Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker:

Peekaboo: luxury in lace, leather and satin for over 10 years

Valuable, mysterious and above all one thing: timeless. More than 10 years, the luxury handbag is already on sale at Fendi. Behind this accessory is a bag full of surprises: The idea of the bag is that the inside is often more interesting than the outside. It may look like a normal bag on the outside, but there may be a surprise hiding inside? Fittingly, the name goes back to a children’s game similar to hide and seek.

Gold lizard leather, interlace leather or pink satin and lace – you’ll find the Peekaboo in a variety of looks – from elegant to playful.

#MeAndMyPeekaboo: Women and their favorite handbag

In the #MeAndMyPeekaboo campaign, women from around the world showcase themselves along with their favorite bag and share what they associate with it. Watch the first episode here:

Boston Bags: Dreamy leather in candypink and pastel colours

The Boston Bags are not only available in the classic leather variants black and brown, but also shine in pastel shades such as pink, yellow , lilac or so even with a gradient! The inner compartment of the Boston Bag is lined and has an inner pocket with zipper.

Different carrying options through the adjustable and detachable shoulder straps make the bag the perfect way companion. The “By the way” bags are made of 100% calfskin and are available in mini, medium and large sizes.