Layered look: With layering warm through the winter – tips & tricks on fabrics, colors & Co.

Winter is here! Whether it’s a snowball fight, drinking mulled wine or a quick trip to the grocery store: The layered look is back. If you know about proper layering, you don’t necessarily have to reach for the shapeless winter coat. On the contrary, skillfully layering a blouse, longsleeve and skirt not only dresses you efficiently, but also makes a fashion statement. The two-layer look keeps you warm and bristles with fashionable individualism. We’ll show you here how to perfectly master the interplay of different layers, shapes and materials. Also, at the very end: the best tips on layering & Co.

The layered look: The principle quickly explained & the best basics

The famous layered look is not a novelty. Nature makes it and here, which is why the famous layer principle is also colloquially called Zwiebellook. Similar to the individual layers of a bulb, the many layers of clothing layered on top of each other also protect the body from cold and wind. Top athletes in particular, such as cyclists and marathon runners, who also do outdoor sports in winter, have been benefiting from this for decades. Why is the layered look worthwhile not only in sports, but also in everyday life? It’s simple: a heavy winter coat and a large knitted sweater may protect you from catching a cold outside, but if you head for the warm ambience of a nearby café after a short walk through the snowy city center, you’ll quickly get too warm inside. Thanks to the layered look, you can then take off one layer of clothing after the other and thus acclimatize your body more quickly.

The best clothes for layering: From summer dresses to denim jackets

You don’t need to buy new clothes for the fashionable twilight look. Everything you need is already in your closet. The beauty of the twilight look is that you can combine summer and winter clothes. Even the airiest silk pieces are perfect for this. For the lower layers of clothing, you can wear your favorite pieces from your summer wardrobe: Summer dresses, skirts, crop tops, as well as tights & leggings. On top, depending on your taste, sweaters, longsleeves or even denim jackets in countless variations can be put on. Also thin leather jackets in combination with knitwear are timeless and elegant.

Layering: The best tips & tricks for perfect styling

For many, the fashionable layered look is a big challenge. Which fabrics combine well? Is color blocking allowed? And does everything always have to be oversize? Don’t worry. We’ve put together the ultimate guide for you with the best tips and tricks.

Skillfully playing with different proportions & silhouettes

In addition to color, materials & Co. there is one thing to consider that many tend to forget: Volume and proportions. When playing with proportions, sure instinct is required. Mainly applies:

Always vary between XXL layers and figure-hugging garments.

If your complete look consists only of oversize pieces, you quickly look wider than you actually are. However, if you combine only tight garments, your proportions will quickly look shapeless and the individual pieces will stand out unsightly. The top layer of your onion look should always be wider than the garments underneath. If you don’t like an XXL coat or oversized jacket, you can quickly bring it back into shape with feminine accessories, like a wide waist belt, for a stunning 90-60-90 silhouette.

Combining innovative shapes and different lengths

The supreme discipline in the layered look: Stage the individual layers in such a way that they not only create a coherent image overall, but are also easily recognizable and coherent individually. For example, you can play with long-sleeved tops and short-sleeved vests, let long tunics peek out from under short quilted jackets or combine a warming turtleneck sweater under a dress.

Layer different materials and patterns: knitwear, leather & jeans

Provide for variety – what is quickly considered too much for colors, does not count for materials. Here you can mix and match according to your mood and needs. Style breaks are especially welcome in the layered look. Classic Zwiebellook combinations are leather leggings and cozy sweater or light silk blouse and coarse cardigan. Also XXL denim jacket on flowery summer dress I always suitable.

In addition to materials, patterns can also be easily mixed. Caution, however: Here, less is more!

Here again the most popular materials at a glance:

  • Knitwear
  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Leather
  • Jeans
  • Polyester

Proper Color Selection: From earthy colors to color blocking.

When it comes to the dark season, light tones, such as white, beige or light brown are especially popular. Shades of gray, black and blue are considered more elegant and sensual. Whether during the day in the somewhat cool office or in the evening with a mulled wine while walking through the city: gaudy tones as eye-catchers always go and set beautiful accents especially with outfits with muted colors. If you don’t own any gaudy accessories or clothes, don’t worry: the right make-up still counts as the most timeless accessory of every woman.

Layered look in practice: Influencers & celebrities show it off

Now you know in theory how layering works. How these tips and tricks now look in practice, you see here.

Onion look as a practical outfit for everyday life: Cleverly combined basics

Leggings instead of tights? Functional underwear under a sweater? Combining long-sleeved basics cleverly? The twilight look is not that difficult. Most of the time you already have the right clothes in your closet.

Layering tricks for curvy people: Curvy fall outfits

Multifaceted plus size fashion and body positivity also for the cold season: Here, the best styling tips for curvy people are combined with the fashion rules of the onion look. Everything you need to know about the right color and fabric combination and why denim and white cotton always go, you can find out here.

Celeb tips from Cathy Hummels: tips on silhouette, fabrics & co.

Cathy loves the onion look. Whether pants, skirt, jacket or vest – the mother and presenter prefers most earthy and muted colors and trendy accessories. Especially for the frostbite among us, she has plenty of tips and tricks here.