The current ladies ski jacket trends for the winter season 2018/2019

Every year the same scenario: The first snow falls, the temperatures drop, the desire to ski increases. And already you have a lot of questions in your head. What styles are in this season? Which colors are in at the moment? Which jacket suits me? And which jacket do I actually need? So many questions and we answer all of them for you in this article, so you can start your ski holiday stylish and warm.

Function x design: The slope trend 2018/2019

Functional materials meet cool design – this is how the new women’s ski clothing collections present themselves this season. Luckily you don’t have to choose between one of these two options for a long time now, but can choose ski clothing that keeps you dry and warm all day long and looks so nice that you can also wear it in everyday life. We present the latest trends here.

  • Functionality, fit and comfort

Functionality, fit and comfort are the keywords in winter 2018/2019, because ski jackets should guarantee three things on the slopes: strong performance, high comfort and freedom of movement. The constant and rapid development of functional materials makes it possible that ever lighter, thinner materials today have the same effect for warmth, breathability and dryness as their predecessors. So don’t worry if the jacket no longer weighs 10kg but feels light and loose.

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  • Visibly cool thanks to warm support

Thermal underwear. Sounds super unsexy at first. But it helps enormously to prevent freezing. Because the principle of multiple warming layers can be applied anywhere on the body and baselayers are your new BFF for wearing underneath! Besides, when you’re wearing a sweater and a cuddly jacket, you definitely won’t notice that there’s another layer hidden away to make you happy. On top of that, many models no longer look like old ski underwear, but have cool cuts and fresh designs that are definitely worth seeing.

These designs have the new ski jackets

Next winter’s skiwear comes in fresh unisex street style and remains colourful. This season’s models are complemented by more muted or pastel shades.

  • Unisex is In

More and more fashion labels, including well-known brands like Zara, offer unisex collections. Especially in the snowboard scene the boyfriend style is nothing new, but with unisex clothing women make clear: My personality is important, not my feminine clothes or my gender.

  • Bold Is The New Black

Even if bright colors are not so popular in everyday life with many, applies this winter on the slopes: Show your colors. This season, we’re going to take out what’s colorful from the closet. No matter if light pink, yellow or turquoise. With these colours you’ll always stand out on the slopes and at the same time prove you’ve got a knack for fashion. More often they are combined with muted or pastel colours. Nature also serves as a model for the manufacturers here.

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