GlamHate: New collection VAMPYRE by Dice-K in Tokyo, Japan

A few weeks ago the second collection of the new and aspiring Glamrock fashion brand GlamHate was released by fashion designer Dice-K. With the name VAMPYRE, the 22-year-old designer from Harajuku, Japan, wants to make a clear statement: he compares today’s fashion development with a form of modern vampirism, where a trend similar to a bite is transferred from one person to another until nobody really knows anymore who he actually is.

Dice-K finds inspiration for his fashion brand GlamHate from Alexander McQueen, Lady Gaga and glam-rock star David Bowie – but the philosophy behind GlamHate goes deeper than just a certain look. The designer wants to fight hatred with fashion and give those who feel lost in their lives and thus develop a strong hatred against everything and everyone a new way to deal with their emotions. Special attention is paid to the creation of something new and unique.

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Interview with fashion designer Dice-K

The fashion brand GlamHate was launched in 2017 and is an appeal to people to define their own style and not be influenced by the masses.

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