NA-KD & Influencer: photo shootings and the best outfits

Online shopping is a matter of course for everyone nowadays. NA-KD offers the latest looks of the season and collections of various influencers and singers. The hottest fashion trends of the whole world and latest fashion, makes NA-KD particularly versatile. Whether basics, beauty or specials, NA-KD has outfits for you for every occasion. Matching the season, this online shop shows you the best looks of the season.

The history of the famous online shop

NA-KD has been known as a Swedish online shop for women’s fashion since 2016 and is now also active internationally in the fashion industry. Deliveries to over 120 countries, with a focus on Europe and 600 independent retailers presenting NA-KD worldwide, everyone should take a look at the online shop.

Fashion stores all over the world

To make customers happy offline, NA-KD also offers stores in some cities. After opening several pop-up stores in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Italy, NA-KD has also opened exclusive retail stores in Germany and the Netherlands since 2018. NA-KD of course also has the largest presence in the online world.

Calvin Klein, Mango and Levi’s – these brands work with NA-KD

In addition to the house brand NA-KD and daughter brands such as NA-KD Boho, NA-KD Basics, NA-KD Accessories, the online shop also offers brads such as Calvin Klein, Mango and Levi’s. NA-KD designs its own collections with selected brand ambassadors and works with constant collaborations with international influencers.

Who should shop there?

NA-KD’s target group belongs to Generation Y and is popular between the ages of 16 and 25. Especially the young people who are familiar with social media channels and influencers and shop with online shops should be particularly interested in NA-KD. The affordable offers for the latest trends make the shop so attractive. NA-KD also helps people who are not yet able to assess their clothing style to find themselves in fashion and express themselves. Influencer cooperation in particular serves as a role model for young people and has positive effects.

Are influencers the future of the fashion industry?

Of course you don’t want to forget big brands like Gucci, Prada, Moschino or Adidas and Nike. But young people in particular are influenced much more in the influencer world than in the high fashion or runway world.

Luna Farina NA-KD photo shooting

Luna Farina – singer and popular on Instagram. When she’s not recording her songs in the studio, she shoots with photographers on the coolest streets of Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg. She combines her favourite outfits with different collections from NA-KD!