Get Shirt Printed: Offers, Companies, Prices & Designs – For Men and Women

Shirt printing – Are you looking for a creative and personal gift for friends or family, or a stylish accessory for yourself? Printing your own t-shirts is the new trend of the year. Whether it’s an existing pattern or your own idea, there are many ways to make your favourite garment unique. We all know it: the futile search for the perfect t-shirt. Despite visits to numerous clothing stores, it is incredibly difficult to find a cool garment. In this article, we’ll show you all the ways you can print your own t-shirts and show you all the occasions when a gift like this will go down a treat! You can also find the latest trends for statement shirts here.

Textile printing company for t-shirts: prices, designs & companies

Whether it’s for your best friend, your boyfriend or your sports team: printed shirts with a personal slogan or the team logo are always needed. In Germany, there are numerous textile printers where you can customize your garment. But be careful! There are some differences between the printing companies. Some already have selected designs you can choose between. Others additionally offer the option to print your own created logo. If you are planning to have a t-shirt printed, then it is best to inform yourself beforehand at the respective companies in your city that offer textile printing. There are also providers on the Internet who will print your T-shirt for you and then send it to you by post.

Basically, the printing of a T-shirt is not expensive. Nevertheless, the price is measured by the printing effort of the respective motif and the ink used for it. Basic shirts, for example, start at a retail value of 5 euros. However, check with the textile printing company of your choice beforehand, as the prices vary greatly. Besides the print, you can also choose a color for your T-shirt. The same principle applies there as with your design: white, grey and black shirts are cheaper than T-shirts in elaborate patterns or sometimes gaudy colours. You can also find a lot of cool ideas on the internet or on Pinterest, Instagram and the like on how to design your shirt. Many textile printers even offer photos as designs for your shirt.

Self-designed shirts for birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas & Co.

Everyone is happy about a self-designed t-shirt! Whether it’s for your boyfriend, your family, your friends, or as a holiday gift, you can customize and personalize t-shirts for occasions of all kinds. In addition to color and design, some companies also offer custom cuts. For example, you can choose between a more fitted or looser cut shirt. Many companies also offer a unisex cut that fits both men and women.

You can find many ideas for your designs on social media or on the pages of textile printers. You can not only have the shirt printed on the front, but of course also on the back or the sleeves. Employees of the respective textile companies, also very often have cool ideas for unique motifs. Most printing companies offer a range of sizes from XS to XXL. There you orientate yourself at best on your normal size for tops. For an oversized look, order one or even two sizes larger!

DIY textile printing with bleach, cling film or iron-on printing

Is ordering a self-designed t-shirt from a textile print shop too expensive for you? Or maybe you even enjoy designing your shirt completely yourself. There are many do it yourself ways to get your desired print on your shirt. On Youtube you can find many tutorials on how to create your own shirt with bleach, cling film, iron-on printing or even lavender paint. There are no limits and you can make your shirt even more personal!

Shirt self print shops: Reviews, comparison & tips

Textile printers can be found in almost every major city. Many have also completely converted their business to online business, where it is possible for everyone to design his own T-shirt. When choosing a company, look at the reviews on Google and check with the print shop of your choice to see if the design you have in mind is feasible. Many people find it easier to go to a print shop to get a personal consultation. This has the advantage that you can look at the fabrics and t-shirt colours in real life, as the internet often misrepresents the colours. In addition, you can make sure that your shirt is of good quality, as this cannot be seen on the internet either. Text, motif or photo: There are no limits for you! Printed t-shirts are an all-time trend and the perfect idea to give to your loved ones.

Shirtinator: shirts & sweaters in organic cotton

At you can print not only t-shirts but also many other products such as mugs, teddy bears, aprons or bags. You can choose between your own designs or photos, or the templates of the site. The templates are very extensive and categorized by topics such as “The best motifs love”, “The best motifs for men”, sayings, baby, comics and much more. In addition, the menu offers many prepared categories such as Christmas or gift ideas. Furthermore, at Shirtinator you can also have shirts, tank tops, bags and baby bodies printed in organic cotton.

  • T-Shirt and Hoodie from 8,99€
  • Shirt in organic cotton available from 15,99€
  • Up to 40% quantity discount

Rating: 4.8 out of 5.0 stars (903 ratings)

Spreadshirt: print gifts & shirts yourself is one of the best rated websites for shirt printing in Germany. As with many shops, you can choose between many products like t-shirts, sweaters and mugs. In addition, Spreadshirt also offers home items like pillowcases and lunch boxes. Sections like Birthday Gifts or Christmas Gifts make it easy to find the perfect gift for any occasion. Spreadshirt also lets you choose between pre-made designs and your own designs. Spreadshirt doesn’t do too well in the price comparison, but the site advertises “convincing quality” and design variety.

  • T-Shirt from €11,99
  • Choice of premium shirts possible
  • Sizes up to 5XL

Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0 stars (16,611 ratings)

Shirtigo: Shirts & bags in large quantities

Shirtigo is structured differently than some other sites. This shop is less designed for individual needs, but rather suitable for printing T-shirts in larger quantities, such as for a sports club, a bachelor party, etc.. The difference between Shirtigo and other sites is that the customer can choose between digital printing and screen printing. The product selection is smaller in this shop, there are only t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts and bags. T-shirts start at €3.69 depending on the print run.

  • Reduced product choice
  • For printed shirts in large quantities (e.g. clubs, bachelor parties etc.)
  • Very low prices for high circulation (from 3,69€)

Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0 stars (75 reviews)

Shirtee: Design of shirts individually

Shirtee is not just about designing a shirt for individual or personal use. At Shirtee you can upload your own designs and they will be distributed through their site or your own website. However, it is of course also possible to have your own or a pre-designed design printed on a product and then order the goods. Again, there are many pre-designed designs to choose from, on categories such as Halloween, jobs and careers, gaming, or coffee (mugs). They also cover themes like family, dogs and more with designs and sayings. Even if you don’t have an original idea yourself, you will find one at Shirtee with a motif. All products are available in several colours.

  • Printed in Germany
  • T-shirt print from 8,49€

Rating: 2.8 out of 5.0 stars (838 ratings)